Venolayf - a drug for the treatment of skin lesions.

 Gel Velonolayf

Pharmacological action

Venolayf - a combined preparation, which includes heparin, which prevents blood clotting, thrombus formation, and promote healing of the connective tissue; troxerutin reduces the permeability of blood vessels and tissue, strengthens capillaries, improves microcirculation and trophism, reducing congestion in the tissues and veins, swelling, inflammation; dexpanthenol, improves metabolism, improves absorption of heparin and promotes healing of tissues; phenyl ethyl alcohol, rendering antifungal and antibacterial actions that prevent infection of open wounds.

Product form

Producing the gel and ointment Venolayf.

Analogs Venolayf - troxerutin medications, heparin sodium, dexpanthenol.

Indications Venolayfa

The drug helps with bruises, sprains, dislocations, thrombophlebitis, chronic lymphostasis, reduces swelling and eliminates microcirculation disorders caused by venous insufficiency of the legs.

There are positive reviews of Venolayfe used for the treatment of venous ulcers in the recovery stage - to accelerate their healing.

Instructions Venolayfa: how to use

Venolayf ointment and gel applied to the skin two or three p / day, a little rubbing and spread over the skin. Treatment with drugs usually lasts no more than three weeks.

In case of recurrent disease, the treatment is carried out two or three / year.

 Venolayf - for the treatment of skin lesions
 Before the treatment of venous ulcers skin surface is cleaned of dead tissue, washed, if necessary, hydrogen peroxide 3% chlorhexidine furacillin or dried. Ointment or gel Venolayf cover the damaged area completely covered with a sterile dressing, which is once a day should be changed. If the scheduled use of an ointment or gel without further bandaging, can be applied to these funds, two p / day.

Side effects

Analogs Venolayfa and the drug itself can cause itching and a rash at the site of treatment.


Do not use the gel or ointment for the treatment of Venolayf wound surfaces, heavily exuding tissue fluid, with hypersensitivity to the components of the gel or ointment during pregnancy, lactation.

According to the instructions Venolayfa it can not be administered rectally or vagina, used for the treatment of eye diseases.

There were no negative comments about Venolayfe, used in conjunction with other medications.