Vazoket - a cardiovascular drug angioprotective action.

Pharmacological action

The active ingredient diosmin Vazoketa acts - a substance that reduces the threat of tension veins, prevents stagnation of blood in them, improves their tone. Besides, diosmin increases lymph drainage and reduces the permeability of lymphatic vessels.

Vazoket also has anti-inflammatory action.

Product form

Release tablets 600 mg Vazoket.


According to the instructions Vazoket prescribed for venous insufficiency of lymph in the early stages of chronic (symptom - heaviness in the legs) or severe disease, with characteristic swelling, pain and cramps.

Vazoket 600 is also effective in acute or exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids. There are positive reviews of Vazokete applied in varicose veins on the legs and microcirculation disorders.

Instructions for use Vazoketa

 Vazoket 600
 With varicose veins and venous insufficiency of lymph in the initial stage is assigned to take on the 1st Vazoket Table / day, preferably in the morning, before a meal. Vazoketom course of treatment usually lasts for two months. If the patient is found severe form limvo-venous insufficiency, the course is prolonged for 3-4 months. Therapy courses held at intervals of 2-3 months.

When hemorrhoids and acute exacerbation of his chronic stage Vazoket600 appoint 2-3 tab / day. According to the instructions in this disease Vazoket drink during a meal for a week. If necessary, the treatment is extended up to Vazoketom 1-2mes., Taking on 1st Table / day.

Pregnant women in the treatment of venous insufficiency of lymph take 1 tablet Vazoketa 600 per day. But treatment is initiated only in II-III trimesters and stop for 2-3ned. before delivery.

side effects

There are reviews of Vazokete, indicating the possibility of digestive disorders during treatment with the drug, accompanied by heartburn, diarrhea, nausea, heaviness in the stomach, vomiting.

Also during application Vazoketa may occur (rarely) headaches.


Vazoket 600 is not prescribed to children and adolescents up to 18 l, in the presence of intolerance to the active ingredient and the other components of the drug.

Appointment Vazoketa pregnancy is possible, since there is evidence of the absence of violations of the embryonic development of the fetus and the mother's side effects after using Diosmin, but no evidence of contact with the active substance in breast milk, so Vazoket not indicated during lactation.