Vazobral pills

Vazobral - is a drug belonging to the group of drugs that improve cerebral circulation.

It is a combination drug.

Pharmacological action

The active components stimulate Vazobral certain CNS receptors. Application Vazobral reduces adhesion of erythrocytes and platelets reduces the permeability of vascular walls, improves the process of blood circulation and metabolism in the brain.

Appointment Vazobral promotes stability tissues to lack of oxygen (hypoxia).

The positive effect of the application of Vazobral observed in appointing him as a prophylactic agent in migraine, which is confirmed by reviews of Vazobrale patients who used it in this disease.

Product form

Vazobral release tablets and vials with a solution of oral dosing pipette with 2 ml.

Indications Vazobral

Vazobral used under such conditions and diseases:

- Cerebrovascular insufficiency;

- For the treatment of residual symptoms after circulatory disorders in the brain;

- Reduction of mental activity;

- Memory impairment;

- Decreased attention;

- Ischemic narushieniya;

- Orientation disorders;

- Retinopathy;

- Cochleovestibular disorder (Gipoakuzija, tinnitus, dizziness);

- Raynaud's disease;

- Chronic venous insufficiency in form.

 Vazobral solution

Instructions for use and dose Vazobral

Tablets Vazobral appoint 1-2 pieces twice a day.

The solution Vazobral appoint 2-4 ml, which corresponds to 1-2 pipettes, twice a day.

According to the instructions Vazobralu and a solution Vazobral and tablets should be taken with a meal with a small amount of plain water.

side effects

According to the instructions, Vazobral can cause such side effects:

- Pain in the stomach, nausea;

- Rash and itching of the skin;

- Lowering blood pressure.

According to the instructions, Vazobral does not have a long hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) effects, so patients with high blood pressure along with Vazobralom shows the assignment of drugs that reduce blood pressure. Practice a combination of these drugs is used by many physicians, and its effectiveness is confirmed by the review and Vazobrale patients with elevated blood pressure.

When concomitant administration Vazobral and hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) drugs should follow the patient's condition, as simultaneous reception can lead to hypotension and syncope.

Contraindications Vazobral

According to the instructions Vazobralu, the drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the active substances Vazobral. Safety of Vazobral during pregnancy has not been proven, so this drug is not prescribed during childbearing. There are reviews of Vazobrale showing that the use of Vazobral during lactation may lead to its decline.