Valocordin - soothing properties of a drug acting on the central nervous system.

Pharmacological action

The drug is both an antispasmodic, sedative and hypnotic light that causes the composition of valokordin.

As part of the ethyl ester valokordin bromizovalerianovoy alpha acid (a sleeping pill, sedative, antispasmodic), phenobarbital (sleeping pill, sedative, vasodilator substance), peppermint oil - except antispasmodic, it has a vasodilating effect.

Product form

Valocordin discharged as droplets in vials.

Indications valokordin

Assign Valocordin by indications: neuroses, accompanied by increased irritability, spasms of the coronary vessels, insomnia, tachycardia.

According to the instructions Valocordin also take in the early stages of hypertension, intestinal spasms.

Instructions for use valokordin

 Valocordin drops
 Take Valocordin on the testimony before eating, inside, diluting a small amount of water droplets. The course of treatment and dosage prescribed individually, but in the instruction valokordin indicated that adults can prinimat15-20kap. three p / day. If you want to fix the problem with falling asleep, the dosage can be increased to 30 drops.

Children drug designate the rate of one drop of funds for one year of life. The multiplicity of methods and duration of treatment of children is determined by the doctor based on medical indications.

Side effects

Application valokordin usually does not cause side effects, even when the duration of treatment. But sometimes in the daytime can be observed slight dizziness, drowsiness.

Also, long-term use of the drug may develop chronic poisoning bromide, which is expressed in apathy, depressed mood, loss of coordination of movements, the appearance of conjunctivitis, hemorrhagic diathesis, rhinitis.

Contraindications valokordin

Towards Abolition valokordin indications are hepatic porphyria in the acute stage, the lack of kidney, liver, increased sensitivity to substances in the composition of valokordin.

Contraindicated for use during pregnancy, lactation.

At simultaneous reception valokordin and other sedatives or ethanol has been increasing effect of the drug.

Application valokordin accelerates metabolism and reduces the effect of contraceptives, is taken orally, corticosteroids, coumarin derivatives, griseofulvin. Valocordin also increases the toxicity of drugs containing methotrexate.