The active substance Validol - menthol solution

Validol - sedative.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Validol - menthol solution in menthyl isovalerate. The drug has a calming and reflex vasodilator effect, which is caused by irritation of the nerve endings. Also, a drug acting on the receptors of the mucous, allows the production of a number of substances, taking in part in the regulation of vascular permeability.

When resorption Validol tablet under the tongue effect occurs within 5 minutes.

Product form

Validol release tablets, capsules and drops for sublingual use (sublingual).

Indications Validol

According to the instructions Validol prescribed for angina, false angina, neurosis, headaches due to the use of nitrates, hysteria.

Effective use Validol the syndrome of sickness, to eliminate nausea and vomiting at the air and sea sickness.

Instructions for use Validol

 Tablets Validol take sublingual (under the tongue) on the 1st 2-3r tablet / day. Depending on the effectiveness of the treatment course is defined by its duration. If, after taking the pill for 5-10min. not observed due therapeutic effect, it is desirable to apply other agents.

Drops Take 3-6kap. at one time. Validol drip sugar being held in the mouth until dissolved. According to the instructions Validol his daily dose should not be more than 9-24 drops, and the multiplicity of reception - 3-4 / day. The dose may be increased if medically necessary.

Application Validol capsules by the scheme application tablets.

Side effects

Application Validol in rare cases can cause tearing, mild nausea, and dizziness. The elimination of these symptoms does not require emergency procedures, they usually pass on their own.

Contraindications Validol

The tool is not prescribed for individual intolerance of its components, in severe hypotension, acute myocardial infarction.

Be wary appoint Validol during pregnancy, lactation. Validol during pregnancy may be appointed only on special medical grounds.

If taken Validol on instructions in the allowed rules, it does not cause problems with the speed of reaction, and hence possible to control other mechanisms of transport and during their therapy.

The possibility of using Validol children has not been studied.

As part Validol no sugar, so it is allowed to take diabetics (without sugar as the excipient).