Sedatives Valerianahel
 Valerianahel - homeopathic sedative.

Pharmacological action

Soothing Valerianahel is due to its composition of ordinary tincture of hops, valerian, oats, lemon balm, hawthorn, chamomile.

Manifests sedative effect of the drug is slowly but patients who take it, note the stability of the therapeutic result.

There are also reviews of Valerianahel, its positive effect for insomnia.

Release form of the drug Valerianahel

Valerianahel discharged as droplets clear dark reddish brown.


Sedatives homeopathic drops help with neurasthenia, neurosis, anxiety, sleep disorders.

Instructions Valerianahel: how to use

 Valerianahel - alcohol solution for oral administration
 Adults receive funds within three p / day to 15 drops. In the evening, it is recommended to drink 20 drops - to facilitate the process of falling asleep.

Babies Valerianahel appointed to take 5 drops, if the child is 2-6 years old or 10 drops if he 6-12let. Drinks can drop children as well as adults, three p / day.

Drops of pre-diluted in 100ml water and drink slowly. Take them better separately from meals: half an hour before or an hour after meals.

According to the instructions Valerianahel drug treatment lasts for at least 3-4 weeks. Repeated courses can be, but only a doctor can carry out the appropriate appointment.

After taking the medicine bottle with drops recommended immediately closed. The emergence over time, little precipitation, the vial is allowed.

side effects

There are reviews of Valerianahel allergenic. This happens in some cases, if the patient has expressed hypersensitivity to alcohol, which is part of a Valerianahel herbs and other ingredients.


Because of the alcohol content in the product as an adjuvant (60%) can not be taken Valerianahel children up to 2 years. Drops are contraindicated when detecting hypersensitivity to its components.

During treatment, keep in mind that Valerianahel in some cases can reduce the concentration of attention, cause mild retardation. If these symptoms show up, driving a car or operate other kinds of complex machinery and equipment must be abandoned. If this is not possible, it is necessary to interrupt the treatment and consult a neurologist, for the possibility to change the appointment.