Vagothyl - is antiparasitic and antimicrobial.

Pharmacological action:

Vagothyl has bactericidal and local trihomonatsidnym, astringent and vasoconstrictor cauterizing action. Vagothyl accelerates regeneration of damaged skin and mucous membranes.

When applied to the treated area Vagothyl appears opalescent white layer, which is stored 2-7 days, so that the dead are separated from the healthy tissue and create favorable conditions for recovery.

After the drug is left scars, besides, judging by the reviews, Vagothyl beneficial effects on vaginal bacterial flora.

Product form

Vagothyl produce a 36% solution in vials.

Indications Vagothyl

Vagothyl of instruction prescribed for urethral erosion, vaginal part of the cervix, inflammation of the external genital organs of women (vulva), trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial infections of the urinary tract, the mucosal hypertrophy, ulcers during treatment with candles, bleeding after removal of polyps or tissue sampling for morphological study. It is also effective to use when Vagothyl belyah, vaginal itching, a nonspecific infection of the urethra

There are positive reviews of vagotilom as a drug used to promote healing of burns of 3rd degree, the treatment of wounds and ulcers of varicose veins, inflammation of the oral mucosa.

Successfully used Vagothyl to stop bleeding after minor surgery, including after dental treatment.

 Vagothyl used in the form of lotions, and douching

Instructions for use Vagothyl

Practiced only Vagothyl topical application in the form of lotions, and douching.

For lotions for erosion Use a cotton swab moistened vagotilom - they are administered into the vagina for one to three minutes, then taken out and removed the remains of a dry swab means. The multiplicity of the treatments - two or three p / week.

As instructed Vagothyl for irrigation and stopping bleeding, treating ulcers and cracking, a solution - one to three ch.lozh. funds for one liter of warm boiled water ..

side effects

Negative reviews vagotilom virtually no usually well tolerated when taken according to instructions.

In rare cases, cause local allergic reactions - itching, rash, redness of the vulva, vagina.

When using Vagothyl to treat oral mucosa may be damaged tooth enamel.

Contraindications Vagothyl

Vagothyl not indicated the presence of individual sensitivity to it and used strictly on prescription.

According Vagothyl instructions can not be simultaneously used with other topical agents.

During therapy vagotilom should refrain from sexual intercourse, and for personal hygiene to pick up special funds that do not cause irritation. Also, do not take Vagothyl during menstruation.

After each treatment, the mouth vagotilom need to rinse your mouth.