Urethane - carbamic acid ethyl ester.

Urethane is available  Formula Urethane
 in powder - colorless crystals curdling, slightly salty taste. It is odorless, readily soluble in alcohol and water to form a colorless solution.

Urethane Applications in Medicine

On human Urethane has a calming and sedative effect. Typically, sleep occurs after twenty minutes and lasts from four to eight hours.

Review Urethane easily tolerated, but is rarely used as a hypnotic from the effect of a non-permanent and low activity compared to other hypnotic drugs.

In pediatric practice Urethane is used as an anticonvulsant and a sedative in whooping cough.

Generally, adult dosage is 1-2 g on reception, but not more than 4 grams per day. Babies prescribed drug in the dosage 0, 5-1 g reception, but not more than 1, 5 g per day.

Use the drug for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia.

For this purpose, administered into 1 g of the drug from two to four times a day for one month. A course of treatment takes an average of 60 to 120 g of formulation. One week after the start of dosing the quantity of leukocytes and immature forms decreases, and after two weeks the liver and spleen were reduced in size. Remission usually lasts up to six months.

Side effects Urethane

In the opinion of Urethane ingestion can cause dyspepsia. To avoid them, it is recommended:

  • to take the drug in capsules and drink their alkaline water;
  • administered into a vein 40% glucose solution;
  • increase the daily dosage of ascorbic acid.

With poor tolerability of intramuscular injection is allowed to make 25% solution of 4 mL or 50% solution, 2 ml three times per day. In some cases even preferable intramuscular application.


Urethane is contraindicated  Urethane powder
   acute and chronic leukemia, occurring with generalized lymphadenopathy and splenomegaly with substantial, as well as subleukemic or aleukemic forms. You may not use the drug for atherosclerosis.

Urethane Applications veterinary

In small doses Urethane has a calming and soporific effect. In large doses in dogs and rabbits it causes anesthesia with small deviations from the cardiovascular system and respiration without step motor excitation.

It operates on horses and cattle, even in large doses.

Urethane advantageously used as a narcotic and hypnotic for laboratory animals (rabbits, mice, rats).

For anesthesia used goats, sheep and dogs, in combination with magnesium sulfate dosage 0, 25 g of powder per kg of animal body weight. In this case, the magnesium sulfate solution was added 10% calculated dosages, awaiting the complete dissolution and administered intravenously.

The following dosage is administered intramuscularly:

  • Cats - 0, 5-0, 75 g;
  • Dogs - 0, 3-0, 5 g;
  • Chickens - 1-2 g

Intravenous dosage Urethane are:

  • For dogs - 0, 3 g;
  • For sheep and goats - to 0, '25

storage conditions

Store powder in a dry, dark place in tightly sealed glass jars.