Urea - a product of protein metabolism in the body, is used in medicine as a diuretic.

Pharmacological action

Urea, providing diuretic and dehydrating effect, reduces and prevents swelling of the brain, lowers intraocular pressure, toxic pulmonary edema.

Product form

Can be bought in the form of urea powder (prepared from a solution of urea, a solvent is usually provided), ointments, lotions.

Indications Urea

Urea is used in neurosurgery in the swelling of the brain at an early stage in ophthalmology - at elevated pressure inside the eye, which is accompanied by glaucoma (especially effective remedy for acute attacks).

Also, the drug used to treat septic wounds, treat the fungus on nails, ichthyosis (thickening in the form of flakes, which are covered by skin), hyperkeratosis (thickening of the outer layer of skin).

mode of application

The urea solution to be administered intravenously it is necessary to prepare sterile immediately before infusion. The rate of introduction of the solution - 40-60-80 drops / min. If you want to get a quick effect, allowed to enter the solution at a speed of 80-120 drops / min.

The total dosage - 0 5-1 5g / kg body weight. Act means starting over 15-30min after administration, reaches a maximum through 1-1, 5h and lasts 4-14ch.

If necessary, the urea solution can be re-entered, but no more 2-3r at intervals 12-24ch.

A solution of 30% or 50% in the sugar syrup is taken orally in a dosage of 0, 75-1, 5g / kg. It was established that in glaucoma the intraocular pressure decreased after the internal application via 30-45min as after intravenous drip. But cerebral edema after internal use only decreases after a few hours.

To prevent dehydration (symptoms: thirst, dry mouth) administered to the patient by intravenous drip solution of sodium chloride or glucose (500-800ml) with ascorbic acid (0, 2-0, 3g), vitamin Bi (0, 1-0, 15g) .

 Doctor cream with urea in the composition
 When administered to patients urea solution that is unconscious or under anesthesia should enter the bladder catheter.

When a fungus for softening the nail plate using 30% urea ointment and for the treatment of hyperkeratosis, ichthyosis - 10% cream.

10% urea solution used to cleanse wounds of pus and dead skin - make irrigation applied wet bandages.

side effects

Urea can buy without a prescription, but using their own means, you should know that it can cause heartburn, appetite loss, vomiting, thirst, nausea, dry mouth, inflammation and venous thrombosis (in the place where the injected solution).

If you get Urea under the skin may develop necrosis, cause irritation.

Contraindications to the use of urea

Urea is contraindicated in heart failure, renal, hepatic, with intracranial bleeding.

You can not simultaneously apply urea in conjunction with other diuretics.