Unitiol - means for detoxification and treatment of poisoning.

Pharmacological action unitiol

Drugs are  Packing Unitiol
 based on the active ingredient - dimercaprol. It operates on the principle of an antidote, interacting with thiol poisons.

Thiol poisons are substances that bind to the sulfhydryl groups of enzymes and inhibit their activity. Due to its structure two free sulfhydryl groups dimerkaptol reacts with thiol neutralizing poisons and forms with them a safe and non-toxic complexes, which are easily excreted. Thus, the sulfhydryl groups of enzymes are preserved and neutralize poisons locked again restores the function of tissue enzymes.

The sooner the drug is injected into the body, the more effective it will contact poisons, and therefore, will have its therapeutic effect.

Unitiol capable of increasing the excretion of ions of certain metals (e.g., zinc and copper) from metal cell enzymes. It is his property is used in the treatment of diseases associated with metabolic disorders of copper or zinc. For example, in Wilson's disease, when excess copper accumulates in the subcortical brain nuclei.

In patients with diabetes when he was complicated by diabetic polyneuropathy, blood and tissues a deficit of sulfhydryl groups. In this case, as well as in secondary amyloidosis Unitiol able to improve the peripheral nervous system. It also reduces the permeability of the capillaries and reduces pain.

The drug is administered parenterally, it is rapidly absorbed from the injection site into the bloodstream, where it binds to thiol poisons, and excreted in the urine in a partially oxidized or unmodified form. The half-life of 1 - 2 hours. Unitiol does not accumulate in the body.

Product form

According to the instructions Unitiol produced in the form of 5% solution of 5 ml ampoules.

Indications unitiol

According to the instructions Unitiol used to treat poisoning with salts of mercury, chromium, arsenic, bismuth and other heavy metals. Excretion of lead salts Unitiol performs less efficiently.

The drug is effective as an antidote for poisoning by cardiac glycosides.

It is used in cases of poisoning and cardiac glycosides, as well as in the treatment of chronic alcoholism.

Good reviews Unitiol received in the treatment of chronic alcoholism.


Do not use  Ampoule Unitiol
 medication for severe liver damage, high blood pressure. The doctor also will write a prescription for Unitiol when you are hypersensitive.

Instructions for use unitiol

The preparation is intended for intramuscular or subcutaneous administration. If poisoning mercury and arsenic salts is administered at the rate of a single dose - 1 ml of a 5% solution of 10 kg of body weight. On the first day of treatment must be a 3 - 4 (as of the patient) on the second day - 2 - 3 injections, the third and the following days - 1 - 2 injections. When mercury poisoning treatment should last for at least 6 days before the disappearance of symptoms of intoxication.

To eliminate the overdose of cardiac glycosides regimen of the same, to eliminate the symptoms of cardiotoxicity.

Chelation Therapy apart unitiol standard should include the necessary measures (infusion of intravenous fluids and forced diuresis, gastric lavage, enema, and others.).

If Wilson's disease Unitiol administered 5 - 10 mL intramuscularly every day or every other day. Rate is 25 - 30 injections, if necessary after 3 - 4 months it can be repeated.

In the treatment of chronic alcoholism Unitiol administered in 3 - 5 ml of 2 - 3 times per week.

In diabetic neuropathy scheme prescribing simple - 5 ml intramuscular injection of 10 per course.

Prescription Unitiol can be purchased in almost any drugstore.

side effects

In the opinion of Unitiol well tolerated, it rarely can cause heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness. Usually they are alone.