Umckalor - vegetable antimicrobial and immunomodulatory drug used in the treatment of infectious  Packing Umckalor
 ENT diseases.

Pharmacological action

Active components Umckalor have expressed antimicrobial and antiviral effect, enhance non-specific resistance of the organism and have mucolytic properties.

The structure includes a root extract Umckalor Pelargonium sidoides (Pelargonium sidovidnoy). The main active substance of South African plants are flavonols, coumarins and certain organic acids having activity against:

  • Gram-negative bacteria, including Klebsiella pneumoniae, Hemophilus influenzae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus mirabillis, E.coli;
  • Gram positive bacteria including Streptococcus (pneumoniae and haemolitic) and Staphylococcus aureus;
  • Microorganisms strain Mycobacterlum tuberculosis.

The active ingredients according to the instructions Umckalor affect the immune system and activate both specific and nonspecific immunity. The action of the drug is manifested in the form of:

  • Protect cells and tissues from damage in infectious diseases;
  • Increasing the strength of the vascular walls;
  • The removal of radionuclides and products of metabolism from the body;
  • Stabilization of the intercellular substance of connective tissue;
  • Increasing recovery functions of tissues after an illness.

Umckalor has cytoprotective effect that is important in the treatment of infectious diseases. In addition, the drug has a mucolytic effect, affecting the mucous secretion of the bronchi, namely:

  • By increasing the amount;
  • By reducing the viscosity;
  • Facilitating easier separation.

The development of resistance is unlikely to herbal remedies.

Form release Umckalor

Umckalor produce a reddish brown clear solution for oral administration, 100 g of which contains 80 g of active substance - roots sidovidnoy Pelargonium (Pelargonium sidoides) as a liquid extract. The dark glass bottles with a dropper 20 and 50 ml.

Analogs Umckalor

Analogues Umckalor oral mode of action are the following synthetic and homeopathic medicines: AnGrikaps, Kofanol, Antigrippin ANVI, Influcid, Aflubin, Girel, Inflyunet, Koldakt bronchitis, Antigrippin maximum Antigrippin SARS, Pentaflutsin, Asinis, Aspirin Complex.

Furthermore, let  Umckalor vial
 Umckalor counterparts for outdoor use. These drugs include ointments Adzhikold-Plus-Plus, and Suprema.

Indications Umckalor

According to the instructions Umckalor indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic infectious diseases. Umckalor effective in the following diseases of the upper respiratory tract:

  • Acute and chronic bronchitis;
  • Tracheitis;
  • Acute and chronic pharyngitis.

In the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of upper respiratory tract Umckalor according to the instructions indicated for the treatment of:

  • Sinusitis, including sphenoiditis, sinusitis, etmoidit, front;
  • Rhinopharyngitis;
  • Angina, including bluetongue;
  • Otitis.


Application Umckalor contraindicated in the following cases:

  • In severe liver and kidney diseases;
  • When pregnancy;
  • When predisposition to bleeding;
  • In pediatrics up to one year;
  • During the period of breast-feeding;
  • If hypersensitivity to the components Umckalor.

Dosing Umckalor

Umckalor according to the instructions advised to take before meals (preferably - for half an hour) with a small amount of water.

Babies (12 + years) and adults usually administered three times a day for 20-30 drops of a solution. For children 6-12 years single dose should not exceed 20 drops Umckalor, 1-6 years - ten drops of a multiplicity of reception three times a day.

As a rule, the average duration of therapy is not more than ten days. To prevent recurrence after treatment is recommended to continue Umckalor use medication for several days after the disappearance of symptoms.

In case of frequent relapses or chronic disease treatment is continued in small doses (10-20 drops for adults without changing the multiplicity of reception) after consultation with the doctor.

Information about symptoms developing in overdose when applying Umckalor, have been reported.

Drug Interactions

Strengthening of the anticoagulant action possible in a joint application with a solution of coumarin derivatives Umckalor.

Side effects Umckalor

Umckalor, reviews, transferred, usually good, and cause unwanted effects are not expressed in nature. Possible violations of the digestive system when applying for Umckalor reviews include:

  • Vomiting;
  • Nausea;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Epigastric pain.

With the existing hypersensitivity to the components of Umckalor reviews may appear allergic reactions.

storage conditions

Umckalor refers to a number of herbal remedies, supply of pharmacies are permitted without a prescription. Do not use the drug longer than four years.

Some changes color and taste, as well as a slight turbidity of the solution (because of the content of the plant extract) that occurs during storage at Umckalor pharmacological effectiveness is not affected.