Tyramine - a drug used in diseases  Tyramine packaging
   thyroid gland.

Pharmacological action

Tyramine - a supplement to the food having the action of thyroid due to its constituent proteins and nucleoprotein complex. This means that taking supplements can restore the metabolism of the thyroid gland, as well as adjust the level of hormones that it secretes.

The active ingredient of the drug release from the thyroid gland of cattle.

Not to be confused with the highly active drug substance tyramine tyramine, which is in its effect on the human body similar to adrenaline and can provoke severe headaches, nervous excitability, improve muscle tone, pressure, blood sugar levels. Located tyramine in food, so he gets into the human body. Adults who suffer from headaches, children with the syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder should eliminate some foods that can cause deterioration of their condition. Tyramine found in such foods: overripe vegetables, fruit, chocolate, fermented cheese. Leaders among the fruits of tyramine considered avocados and bananas.

Form release tyramine

Tyramine-release tablets.


There are positive reviews of tyramine host  Tyramine tablets
 hypothyroidism, thyroid suppression, endemic goitre.

Dosing tyramine

Dietary supplement, take before meals - at 0, 02-0, 06 g per day for 10-15 minutes in 2 or 3 doses. Therapy tyramine lasts 10-15 days. Carrying out of repeated course of three months or six months.

Side effects of tyramine

No side effects observed after administration of the drug.


Contraindications, as well as side effects from the drug were found.