Turpentine ointment

 Turpentine ointment

Turpentine ointment - vegetable anti-inflammatory agent.

Pharmacological action

Turpentine ointment has disinfecting, distracting, irritating, analgesic effect. Produce ointment on the basis of turpentine - turpentine oil, which tend to easily penetrate the epidermis and irritate nerve endings. Produce turpentine from pine resins mainly pine trees rocks.

Irritability have active ingredients that are released under the influence of turpentine. Histamine and other mediators that trigger inflammation, cause redness, slight swelling, vasodilation, and endorphins and enkephalins painkillers.

Turpentine ointment evasive action due to the fact that the application of the ointment nervous system receives the two excitation flux from the internal organs and directly from the processing site on the skin.

Application turpentine ointment for coughs possible thanks to its mucolytic and expectorant action.

Product form

Turpentine ointment produced in tubes and cans of 25 and 50g.

Indications turpentine ointment

Turpentine ointment for effective instruction with neuritis, rheumatism, myalgia, neuralgia, sciatica, arthralgia, chronic, acute respiratory diseases.

It also helps turpentine ointment lice, and it is used for coughs.

mode of application

Turpentine ointment for the treatment of diseases related to joints, muscles, applied to the diseased areas of the two p / day, rubbing treatment site and covered with a bandage warming.

Turpentine ointment used for coughs as rubbing: means rubbed into the skin of the upper half of the body, soles, avoiding ointment on the nipples and on the heart. After rubbing the patient should stay warm. Usually, after two or three treatments condition improves. Thus it is possible to cure even chronic cough.

 Turpentine ointment in a tube
 Applying as rastirok turpentine ointment for children, for the first procedure it is recommended to mix in equal parts with a children's cream (in order to avoid burns on the skin).

Good help turpentine ointment lice. It should treat the scalp, cover with cellophane film and held for two hours. After the procedure, lice and nits is necessary to comb and wash the hair and scalp with a normal shampoo.

side effects

If the patient is individual sensitivity to the active substance turpentine ointment may cause allergic reactions: burning, redness, swelling, hives, itching of the skin. In some cases, there is choking, pressure drop, loss of consciousness, convulsions, confusion, palpitations.

If side effects appear, it should solve the problem of replacing the funds.

Contraindications specified in the instructions to the turpentine ointment

According to the instructions turpentine ointment should not be used in kidney, liver disease, skin diseases, especially those in which the integrity of damaged skin. Not recommended for use by pregnant ointment, nursing women.

Avoid contact with turpentine ointment in eyes, on mucous membranes.

Use turpentine ointment for children under one and a half, two years, you can not (at this age, children are counter any warming up rubbing.), At an older age ointment children prescribed with great caution - because of lack of information on the safety of the funds in pediatrics.