Cystone drug belongs to the diuretic herbal.  The diuretic medication Cystone

Pharmacological action tsiston

Included in the tsiston components cause its diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial action.

The diuretic effect is achieved due to the presence in the composition of Didimokarpusa stem and saxifrage tongue (Didomocarpus pedicellata and Saxifraga ligulata respectively) have a positive effect on improving the blood supply to the urinary tract and kidneys.

Marked antimicrobial activity due to the peculiarities tsiston Rash membranous and onosma multisheeted (Cyperus scariosus and Onosma bracteatum), members of the drug.

Cystone also promotes the excretion of urinary tract stones, which is achieved due to the presence of lime and silicon Marena serdtselistnoy (Rubia cordifolia) in the drug.

In addition, a review of tsiston notes that its constituent mineral resin of high purity has a tonic effect on the system of the urinary organs, stabilizes metabolism and improve digestion due to the positive influence on the function of metabolizing food.

Release form of the drug Cystone

Cystone drug is presented in pharmacy chains in the form of rounded light brown tablets packaged in a plastic bottle. One package contains 100 tablets.


List of the main indications for tsiston shown below:

  • The formation in the kidney and / or urinary tract stones of various origin (including oxalate and phosphate, that is formed of uric acid and urate, respectively);
  • As an integral part of the complex therapy of diseases of the urinary system caused by the presence of infection (this includes also: pyelitis, nonspecific urethritis, cystitis);
  • In the prophylaxis and / or treatment of complex formation in the urinary tract stones, kidney and salivary glands (sialolithiasis);
  • When gout;
  • The indication for tsiston is incontinence in women of various origins.

Instructions for use tsiston

The drug is taken orally after a meal. Depending on the particular disease tsiston instruction to prescribe a different dose and duration of treatment.

  • When kidney stones in adults and children over 14 years of age, we recommend taking 2 tablets; pre-school children - half of the tablet; school-age children - one whole pill 2 times per day for 3-4 months. After that, the dosage is halved until the end of treatment and achieve the desired result;
  • With infections of the urinary tract: 2 times a day 2 tablets tsiston adults and children after the age of 14, one - school-age children, in half - up to 6 years. The course of treatment is at least 4 and not more than 6 weeks;
  • In recurrent infections dosage is the same as that of the treatment, but the reception rate tsiston should be extended to 12 weeks;
  • In acute renal colic dosage is the same as in the treatment of infections. The course of treatment, according to the instructions tsiston should be extended until the complete disappearance of the disturbing symptoms;
  • As a preventive measure in the formation of stones: Adults and children of teenage age and older is recommended 1 tablet per day, children from 6 years and up to 14 - half a tablet for children aged 2 to 6 years - a quarter of a tablet three times a day. Deadline in this case is from 4 to 5 months.  Cystone Tablets

Side effects when taking tsiston

During the drug side-effects are minimized, but a review of the medical notes tsiston small chance of allergic reactions.

Contraindications tsiston

Renunciation of the use of the drug may be increased sensitivity to any component of its composition.

Special instructions before use

Due to the fact that Cystone relates to drugs, whose action develops gradually, its application (or cancel) in acute pain urinary tract inappropriate.

Tsiston can be assigned to pregnant and lactating women with evidence noted by the attending physician.

When diagnosed with a urinary tract obstruction tsiston appointment is not recommended, due to the large size of the stones.

storage conditions

Tsiston should be stored in a dry and protected place where the temperature is between 10-30 ° C.

Shelf life is less than 3 years.