Tserebrolizat - nootropic drug.

 Neuroprotective drugs in ampoules Tserebrolizat
 Gopantam, Aktovegin, Gliatilin, Aminalon, Gleatser, Aminolasar, Gammalon, Ampasse, Glycine, Intellan, deletions, Idebenone, Demanol, Meksiprim, Nootropil, neuromas, Idebenone, Cortexin, Nootsetam, Minis, Piridol, tenoten, Piracetam, Semaks, Phenibut, Tserakson, Cere, cerebrovascular, Eskotropil, Nootsetam, Encephabol, Phenibut - drugs analogues Tserebrolizata by pharmacological group. Structural analogues Tserebrolizat not.

Release form and composition Tserebrolizata

Tserebrolizat available as a solution for injection (1 ml ampoules). Tserebrolizat - hydrolysis product of the brain tissue of cattle containing peptides and free amino acids. 1 ml contains Tserebrolizata 1, 00-2, 85 mg L-lysine; 0, 50-0, 90 L-histidine; 1, 20-2, 61 mg L-arginine; 1, 50-2, 60 mg Aspartic acid; 0, 90-2, 10 mg L-threonine; 1, 85-3, 25 mg serine; 3, 75-6, 00 mg glutamic acid; 1, 95-5, 20 mg of L-alanine; 0, 80-1, 70 mg of L-proline; 0, 90-2, 10 mg glycine; 1, 45-4, 05 mg of L-valine; 0, 85-1, 95 mg L-Methionine; 2, 10-6, 00 mg of L-leucine; 0, 80-1, 50 mg phenylalanine; 0, 90-3, 60, isoleucine; 0, 25-0, 65 Tyrosine. In addition, in the drug enters the preservative phenol (0, 3%).

Pharmacological action

According to the instructions Tserebrolizat activating the integrative processes in the central nervous system, it helps to reduce inflammation, neurological deficit and restore disturbed brain function. Active protein chains and amino acid formulation overcoming the blood-brain barrier penetrating directly into neurons of the brain tissue. The drug improves the mechanisms of regulation of brain tissue and its bioelectric activity.

Tserebrolizat activates protein synthesis in brain cells, improves metabolic processes, increases the resistance of brain tissue to intoxication, hypoglycemia and hypoxia, improving oxygen saturation of the brain cells.

The feedback to the Tserebrolizatu said that regular use of the drug helps to improve the processes of concentration, memory, playback information.

Some reviews of Tserebrolizate confirm its therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of stroke and paralysis of various origins.

Indications Tserebrolizata

According to the instructions Tserebrolizat used for the following diseases:

  • cerebral palsy;
  • radiculopathy various origins (toxic, traumatic, infectious);
  • neuropathy;
  • encephalopathy different genesis;
  • myelopathy;
  • traumatic brain injury (concussion, surgeries, traumatic brain injury);
  • the consequences of hemorrhagic stroke;
  • ischemic stroke (step rehabilitation and acute phase);
  • encephalopathy;
  • comprehensive treatment of disorders of the central nervous system after circulatory disorders in the brain;
  • decreased concentration.  Nootropil - analogue Tserebrolizata

Tserebrolizat - Instructions for use

According to the instructions Tserebrolizat administered intramuscularly (po1-5 ml of the drug every day or every other day). The course of treatment is about a month. The course of treatment can be repeated if necessary after three-month break.


  • hypersensitivity to any component of Tserebrolizata;
  • first trimester of pregnancy;
  • status epilepticus;
  • renal dysfunction.

With care use in patients with allergic diathesis, acute renal failure, during breast-feeding.

Side effects Tserebrolizata

Judging by the reviews, Tserebrolizat in some cases may cause the following side effects:

  • fever;
  • increased blood pressure in hypertension degree II-III;
  • allergic reactions.

Injections of the drug are painful, sometimes causing local irritation.

storage conditions

Keep Tserebrolizat recommended at 20 ° C.

Shelf life - three years.