Tselestoderm - is a drug belonging to the group of adrenal hormones and their synthetic analogues.

Pharmacological action Tselestoderma

Tselestoderm has  Packing tselestoderm
   expressed antipruritic, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action. In the opinion of tselestoderm deposited on the skin as a cream, it is well absorbed, and easy to rinse in warm water if necessary. Cream base leaves no greasy residue on the clothes of patients.


Application Tselestoderma indicated for the treatment of the following diseases:

• Eczema (coin-like, children, atopic);

• Dermatitis (solar, seborrheic, exfoliative, radiation, intertriginoznoy);

• neurodermatitis;

• anogenital itching;

• psoriasis;

• Senile pruritus.

Tselestoderm: instructions for use

Tselestoderm applied to the damaged skin or mucous membranes of a thin layer of three times per day. If necessary, to enhance the effectiveness of the therapy on tselestoderm instructions can be applied by a waterproof bandage.

side effects

Application Tselestoderma for a long time can lead to the development of local atrophic changes in the skin (thinning of the skin, the appearance of stretch marks on it, the expansion (dilatation) of the surface of the lumen of blood vessels). In the opinion of tselestoderm often leads to the development of side effects in the case of applying it to the region of natural skin folds (axillary area, inguinal folds, etc.) or under an occlusive dressing.


According to the instructions tselestoderm is contraindicated for the treatment of juvenile pink and (ordinary) acne and primary viral infectious skin diseases (chicken pox, herpes, etc.). Also, should not be used in the treatment of impetigo tselestoderm, Trichophyton, Candida. Use of the drug is contraindicated in children under one year and pregnant women.

Form release Tselestoderma

The drug is available as a cream or ointment in tubes of 5, 0 and 15, 0 grams.

Composition Tselestoderma

The ointment and cream  Ointment tselestoderm
 Tselestoderm contain 0, 1% of the active substance (Betamethasone).

Analogs Tselestoderma

The pharmacy chain is represented by a lot of synonyms and analogues Tselestoderma: Akriderm Ghent Belogent, Betagenot, Betaderm and others. All these drugs have a similar tselestoderm action.

storage conditions

Tselestoderm should be stored in a cool place, away from children.