Trivita - multivitamin means.  Multivitamin preparations Trivita

Pharmacological action Trivita

Trivita - combined preparation, providing multi-vitamin and metabolic effects .  Due to the presence of active vitamins and macro- and microelements, Trivita contributes to the normalization of carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, fills the body with essential vitamins, as well as support and stimulate the body's immunity, restores its performance after fatigue due to physical or mental labor, eliminates the negative impact of adverse environmental factors environment .  The structure includes Trivita active ingredient Retinol (vitamin A), which is actively involved in the synthesis of visual pigment providing twilight and color vision .  Additionally, Retinol participates in maintaining the epithelial tissue and regulates bone formation .  Tocopherol (vitamin E) is an active antioxidant that successfully protects the unsaturated fatty acid in the structure of the membrane lipid peroxidation; involved in the synthesis of intercellular substance of connective tissue fibers, the musculature of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract .  Kolekaltsiferol (vitamin D) is an authorized Ca2 + exchange and phosphorus, which are involved in the building of bone and kidney phosphate excretion .  Vitamin K is involved in the synthesis of prothrombin complex clotting providing .  Thiamine (vitamin B1) is involved in the processes of carbohydrate metabolism, and also provides the transmission of nerve impulses in the central nervous system as well as in all body tissues .  Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is acting as a catalyst for cellular respiration and oxidation of xenobiotics and endogenous compounds .  Panthenol (vitamin B5) is involved in the oxidation of fats and carbohydrates, the synthesis of steroids and fatty acids .  Pyridoxine (vitamin B6) is involved in the metabolism of protein and various amino acids and the synthesis of neurotransmitters .  Folic acid is involved in the synthesis of protein structures and is a necessary component for normal erythropoiesis .  Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) involved in the synthesis of nucleotides and neural cell membranes, providing growth of the organism .

Indications Trivita

Trivita used in the treatment and prevention of vitamin deficiencies, increased requirements for vitamins, trace elements, minerals, and increased physical activity and mental activity during the period of post-operative rehabilitation, during pregnancy and lactation. Trivita recommended for admission to the period of active growth of children and adolescents with symptoms of intoxication, stressful situations, defective or unbalanced diet.  Trivita capsules


Trivita and its analogues are contraindicated for use in case of hypersensitivity to the active and hypervitaminosis ingredients.

Side effects Trivita

The instructions to Trivita noted that in its application the possible manifestations of side effects such as allergies, skin rashes, itching. Not excluded hypervitaminosis symptoms: upset stomach, thirst, headaches, temporary vision disturbances, loss of appetite, anemia, vomiting. In such cases, you must stop taking Trivita and immediately consult a doctor.


Before the start of therapy for patients with anemia, make sure no B12-deficiency anemia. It should refrain from receiving Trivita pregnant women older than 35 years of age with recurrent miscarriage history. In the process of taking the drug and analogs Trivita possible discoloration of feces and urine that is not a reason to stop treatment.