Trigan - antispasmodic, has analgesic effect.  Trigan tablets

Composition Trigana

The composition Trigana includes the following components: as active ingredient - ditsikloverina hydrochloride; Excipients: disodium EDTA, betatsiklodekstrin, propylene glycol, citric acid monohydrate, sodium chloride, water for injections.

Pharmacological action

Trigan has antispasmodic action with a strong analgesic effect. Because of the anticholinergic activity promotes relaxation of smooth muscles.

Pharmacokinetics Trigana

The instructions to Triganu said that the active ingredients of the drug have high absorbability occurring 10-20 minutes after intramuscular administration. After oral administration of the drug is completely absorbed after 60-90 minutes. Trigan excreted in the urine within 9-10 hours and in small quantities with feces.

Indications Trigana

The instructions to Triganu noted that the drug is prescribed for smooth muscle spasms - algomenorrhea, kidney, liver and intestinal colic.


In a review of Trigane said that the drug has a number of contraindications, which include: Hypersensitivity to the active drug component, biliary obstructive disorders, urinary tract and bowel, gastric ulcer and duodenal intestine in acute reflux esophagitis, the age of six months, during pregnancy and lactation.

Method of application and dosage Trigana

 Trigan ampoules
 Adults drug is administered intramuscularly at 20 mg once. If necessary, repeat injections at intervals of four to six hours. For adults, the recommended maximum daily dose - 80 mg. Babies Trigan designate single 5-10 mg. If necessary, repeated six hours. The duration of treatment is not more than two days. To continue therapy or increase the dosage of the drug you should consult with your doctor.

side effect

In a review of Trigane it noted that the drug may be accompanied by side effects such as allergic reactions to the active ingredients of the drug, drowsiness, loss of appetite, dizziness, loss of taste, increased intraocular pressure, urinary retention.

Overdose Triganom

Intoxication possible drug such manifestations as tachycardia, rapid breathing, increased body temperature, stimulation of the central nervous system. To remove seizures and agitation is recommended to take phenothiazines.


Under conditions of high ambient temperature, the drug can cause increased body temperature, or heat stroke. To minimize this effect, it is recommended to take paracetamol. After receiving Trigana advised to avoid activities that require increased concentration and speed of psychomotor reactions.