Tribestan - herbal remedies, used to stimulate sexual function in men.  Lipid-lowering drugs Tribestan

Pharmacological action Tribestan

Tribestan has a tonic effect and stimulates the sexual function in men. The active components of the preparation - steroidal saponins that are furostanol type and is extracted from plants such as the Tribulus terrestris L. drug active against the process of testosterone in the male body, and moreover, contributes to increase the time of erection and sexual desire, decreased sperm motility and their amounts . Women Tribestan able to stimulate production of estrogen and increases libido, has a positive effect on the endocrine system and manifestations klimakterialnogo period, improves skin condition. The drug has a hypolipidemic effect, reduces LDL and total cholesterol and HDL cholesterol without modifying and triglycerides in the blood.

Indications Tribestan

The instructions to Tribestanu said that the drug is used as a tonic to enhance the body's resistance to physical and mental stress, as well as to increase efficiency in the long and intense exercise in bracing for after a long and severe illness.

The preparation and analogues Tribestan successfully used in the treatment of sexual disorders and dysfunctions, which include: impotence, idiopathic oligoastenoteratozoospermiya and azoospermia when immunologic infertility. Furthermore, Tribestan used to enhance libido and male erectile force; when hormonal infertility in women, frigidity, menopause syndrome.

Dosing Tribestan

Preparation and analogues Tribestan take with food three times a day for one or two pills. The required course of therapy is chosen based on individual approach, after consultation with the attending physician.  Tribestan tablets

Side effects Tribestan

The feedback to the Tribestanu noted that use of the drug may be accompanied by side effects such as allergic reactions to the active components Tribestan and cause nausea. If you notice any side effects need to temporarily stop taking the drug for two to three days or to reduce the daily dosage.


Data on overdose are not available.

Pregnancy and lactation

Use of the drug and analogs Tribestan contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Each tablet formulation contains 250 mg Tribestan extract Tribulus terrestris L. Excipients: povidone Opadry, talc, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, MCC crospovidone.

Interaction with other drugs Tribestan

In a review of Tribestane noted that when concomitantly with drugs that stimulate ovulation in women who have not ruled out strengthening of therapeutic effects.


Before using the drug should consult a doctor. The proposed instructions for use Tribestan may be used for informational purposes only. For more information, refer to the instructions recommended by the manufacturer.