Triad Evalar

Triad Evalar - providing antiparasitic action of biologically active plant-based supplement.

Pharmacological action Triad Evalar

 Triad Evalar capsules
 Application Triad Evalar improves and enhances the secretion of the glands of the gastrointestinal tract. Included in the Triad Evalar flowers of tansy tone the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, inflammatory and antihelminthic action.

Grass and leaves of mugwort are antiparasitic agent c broad spectrum of action, improves digestion, reinforcing the separation of bile and stimulates the secretion of gastric juice.

Clove is a strong scented antiseptic, which in addition to reducing the processes of putrefaction and fermentation in the gut destroys helminth eggs.

Product form

The biologically active additive Triad Evalar release tablets of mass 1 and 5 g and capsules weighing 0, 2 and 0, 4 g in vials in an amount of 40 units.

The composition of the Triad Evalar

The composition Triad Evalar per capsule 1 (0, 2 g) includes:

  • Tansy dry extract - 14, 2 mg;
  • Tansy - 28, 6 mg;
  • Mugwort dry extract - 3, 8 mg;
  • Artemisia vulgaris - 8, 6 mg;
  • Dianthus sylvestris - 143 mg.

Indications Triad Evalar

According to the instructions Triad Evalar prescribed for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and prevent worm infestations. The use of reviews Triad Evalar effective when taking money from patients enterobiasis, giardiasis and ascariasis. Before applying the desired medical consultation.

For best results Triad Evalar should be consumed together with the sorbent, removes toxins from the body.

Dosing Triad Evalar

Based on the instructions Triad Evalar in tablets and capsules used inside drinking water when eating. Dosage is dependent upon the regimen selected product, namely:  Triad Evalar children

  •   Children (12 years) and adults make possible two tablets once per day or 2-4 capsules three times per day. The duration of intake should not exceed 6-8 weeks;
  •   Adults and children over 12 years of age on the first day take 1 tablet or 2 capsules at one time, the next day the same dosage of the two, the third to seventh day 1 tablet or 2 capsules taken three times a day. The remaining 6 days course of treatment Triad Evalar product dosage is 1 tablet or 2 capsules at one time.

After completing the course to secure the effect of the use of Triad Evalar continues for another 2-3 months to 1 tablet or 2 capsules once a week.


According to the instructions Triad Evalar contraindicated in:

  •   Pregnancy and lactation;
  •   Stomach ulcer;
  •   Hypersensitivity of the components that make up the product;
  •   Erosive gastritis.

With care dietary supplement prescribed for diseases of the heart, liver and kidneys, as a part of Triad Evalar tansy and wormwood are contraindicated in these diseases. Children under 12 years of age according to the instructions Triad Evalar not assigned.

Side effects Triad Evalar

The use of Triad Evalar reviews sometimes leads to feelings of fatigue and discomfort that are caused by toxins secreted by parasites. In this case, the instructions Triad Evalar need to change the schema of the drug.

storage conditions

According to the instructions Triad Evalar released without an appointment, but before applying the desired medical consultation. Biologically active additive should be stored in a dry place inaccessible to children, cool place at room temperature to 25 ° C for more than 2 years.