Trental - is a drug belonging to the group of drugs that improve the microcirculation angioprotectors.  Trental 100mg Tablets
 The product contains the active ingredient - pentoxifylline. The drug has the ability to improve the rheological properties of blood, normalize the elasticity of red blood cells, reduce platelet aggregation, reduce blood viscosity. By lowering the plasma concentration of plasminogen Trental improves the process of fibrinolysis. When using Trental accumulated cyclic AMP in smooth muscle cells of the vascular wall and in the blood. Trental is able to block the enzyme phosphodiesterase, has some Myotropic vazodilyatiruyuschy effect. This drug decreases systemic vascular resistance and increases the minute cardiac output that should be considered when assigning Trental. Indications for use of this drug is quite extensive due to the significant improvement of microcirculation and cell respiration, improvement of metabolic processes in the central nervous system.

When administered orally Trental is well absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. Maximum plasma concentration achieved one hour after ingestion. Metabolized mainly in the liver. In the body of Trental is metabolized almost completely excreted by the kidneys. The half - 1 5 - 2 hours. When liver disease and kidney failure increases the half-life of the drug that must be considered when assigning Trental.

Indications Trental

The instructions to Trentalu indicated such indications for its use:

  • atherosclerotic encephalopathy, encephalopathy, ischemic stroke;
  • pathology of the peripheral circulation of various etiologies, including diabetic, atherosclerotic and cause inflammatory processes;
  • Raynaud's disease, other angioneyropatii;
  • lack of blood circulation in the blood vessels of the retina;
  • circulatory failure in the inner ear, accompanied by hearing loss;
  • respiratory diseases with symptoms of obstruction (including chronic lung disease and asthma);
  • sores, frostbite, gangrene;
  • pathology of sexual function caused by circulatory failure.

Contraindications Trental

According to the instructions, Trental is contraindicated in:

  • hypersensitive to the components of the drug;
  • inclination to bleeding;
  • hemorrhagic stroke;
  • hemorrhages in the retina;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

Instructions for use, dosage Trental

Solution for injection

According to the instructions, Trental as a solution for injection is used intravenously or jet. To prepare the infusion solution is used as solvent Ringer's solution, physiological saline or glucose. Dosage ranges in some cases, from 100 to 600 mg once or twice daily. The drug should be administered slowly 100 mg for at least 60 minutes. In severe violations of blood circulation processes can assign infusion over 24 hours. In this situation, the dosage of Trental calculated based on the weight of the patient: 0, 6 mg / kg, 1200 mg per day. The volume of the infusion solution should not exceed 1500 ml per day.

Dosage Trental jet application is 100 mg. Time inkjet infusion - at least 5 minutes. Multiplicity of - 1-2 times per day. When jet infusion patient must be in a horizontal position.

If necessary, possible parallel application of Trental in tablet form.


Dosage and duration of treatment is chosen physician individually. The average daily dosage is 6-8 pills Trental. Indications for the tablet form - extension of therapy or combination therapy. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 1200 mg.  Trental 400 mg Tablets

Side effects of Trental

Trental and analogues are usually quite well tolerated. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of Trentale from patients to use it. When using this product include the following side effects:

  • From the digestive tract: nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, violation of a chair;
  • on the part of the SSA and the blood: flushing of the face, upper body, heart rhythm disturbances, angina, lower blood pressure, gipofibrinogenemia, thrombocytopenia;
  • CNS: dizziness, headache, anxiety, disturbance of sleep and wakefulness, irritability; while inflating said in the instructions for dosage Trentalu noted the occurrence of aseptic meningitis;
  • Allergic reactions: rash, pruritus, angioedema, allergic rhinitis, anaphylactic shock.


Care must be taken to appoint Trental and analogues in patients with severe coronary atherosclerosis, cerebral vessels, with unstable blood pressure, ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, heart failure, post-operative patients.


In overdose Trental noted cause nausea, vomiting, gastric bleeding, tachycardia, dizziness, hypotension. When used repeatedly exceeding the specified maximum doses there was an increase in body temperature, agitation, seizures, loss of consciousness, areflexia. There is no specific antidote. It is recommended to conduct gastric lavage, symptomatic therapy, reception enterosorbents. In severe intoxication requires constant monitoring of vital functions.

Reviews Trentale

Trental is a significant improvement of microcirculation. Reviews Trentale by physicians indicate a high efficacy in severe CNS pathology, of the cardiovascular system, peripheral circulation. Reviews Trentale by patients also talk about efficiency and easy portability of the drug, subject to specified dosage regime.

Analogs Trental

Currently pharmacies can be found the following analogues Trental: Agapurin, Arbifleks, flowerpots, Pentamon, Pentilin, Pentogeksal, pentoxifylline, Pentomer, Rabomin, Ralofekt, Trenpental, Fleksital.

Trental interaction with other medications

Trental enhances the effect of heparin and fibrinolytic drugs. There is a mutual potentiation, while the use Trental and ACE inhibitors, insulin, oral antidiabetic agents.

storage conditions

Trental should be stored at room temperature.

Before using the product read carefully the instructions to Trentalu. The drug is given only by your doctor.