Trazhenta - hypoglycemic drugs for oral administration.

Composition, structure and packing

 Trazhenta - hypoglycemic drug for oral administration
 This drug is in the form of round tablets bright red color. Each of them has bevelled edges and two protruding sides, one of which has a symbol of the company, and on the other - engraving «D5».

As stated in the instruction to Trazhente main component of one tablet is linagliptin volume of 5 mg. Additional elements include corn starch (18 mg), copovidone (5, 4 mg), mannitol (130, 9 mg), pregelatinized starch (18 mg), magnesium stearate (2, 7 mg). The structure includes a shell pink Opadry (02F34337) 5 mg.

Trazhentu can acquire in aluminum blisters (one 7 tablets). For convenience, they are in cartons, where it is possible to find 2, 4 or 8 blisters. 1 blister could also contain 10 tablets (in this case, the package of 3 pcs.).

Pharmacological action Trazhenty

Trazhenty main active ingredient is an inhibitor of the enzyme dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) which rapidly destroys the incretin hormones (GLP-1 and GIP) necessary for the human body to maintain it in the normal amount of glucose. The concentrations of these two hormones rise immediately after a meal. If blood is present normal or slightly elevated concentration of glucose, then the GLP-1 and GIP accelerate insulin biosynthesis and its release by the pancreas. GLP-1 also reduces glucose production by the liver.

Analogs Trazhenty and the drug itself acts to increase the number of incretins, and influencing them, make them quite a long time to maintain their active work. The feedback to Trazhente noted that the drug glyukozavisimoy increases insulin secretion and lowers glucagon secretion, thus normalizing blood glucose level.

Indications Trazhenty

The feedback to the Trazhente said that the drug prescribed to patients who have found type II diabetes, as well:

  • Assign as a possible drug for patients with inadequate glycemic control, which occurs due to a diet or exercise.
  • When metformin intolerance or if the patient suffers from renal failure and it is strictly forbidden to take metformin.
  • It can be used with metformin, a sulfonylurea, or a thiazolidinedione when treated with diet alone with these drugs, as well as in sports did not give the desired result.

Contraindications Trazhenty

The instructions to Trazhente clearly indicated that the drug is strictly forbidden to take in diabetes type I, during pregnancy and lactation.

It is forbidden to assign a tool for children, whose age has not reached 18 years of age.

Do not use the drug for people with diabetic ketoacidosis, as well as those who have a heightened sensitivity to the individual components of the drug.

Dosing and dosing regimen Trazhenty

The instructions to Trazhente said that the drug should be administered orally at 1 tablet a day before meals, during or after meals. Do not recommend to use more than one tablet a day.


Numerous medical studies have shown that patients are volunteers, once took 600 mg (120 tablets) is not harmed their health. These days, no cases that would exceed the specified dosage.

The feedback to the Trazhente pointed out that if a patient took an overdose of medication, you should immediately remove the not yet dissolved tablets from the gastrointestinal tract, and to seek help from a doctor who will be able to assign the appropriate treatment.

Application Trazhenty during pregnancy and lactation

 It is strictly forbidden to take Trazhentu during pregnancy and lactation
 It is strictly forbidden to take Trazhentu Trazhenty and analogues during pregnancy and lactation. Experiments carried out on animals show that the main active ingredient is the drug passes into breast milk and has a negative impact on the normal development of the life of the newborn.

In cases of urgent need to receive linagliptina a must stop breastfeeding.

side effects

As stated in the review, to Trazhente, the number of side effects after taking this drug is identical to the number of negative actions after consuming a placebo.

After receiving Trazhenty experience the following side effects:

  • Hypersensitivity to the individual components of the drug;
  • Cough, pancreatitis;
  • Sometimes there is an infectious disease, such as nasopharyngitis.

With simultaneous use Trazhenty or analogs Trazhenty observed with metformin nasopharyngitis, cough, pancreatitis and hypersensitivity to certain ingredients.

Having once Trazhentu and sulfonylureas, often cough, nasopharyngitis, pancreatitis, hypertriglyceridemia, and some patients are more sensitive to the constituents of the analyzed drug.

Simultaneous treatment with pioglitazone linagliptina and promotes weight gain, occurrence of nasopharyngitis, pancreatitis, cough, hyperlipidemia, and hypersensitivity on the part of the immune system of the individual patient.

When using Trazhenty with sulfonylurea and metformin appears cough, hypoglycemia, nasopharyngitis, pancreatitis and increased sensitivity to the agent.

Terms and conditions of life Trazhenty

The instructions to Trazhente stipulates that this drug should be stored at temperatures up to 25 degrees in a dark place. Do not give into the hands of children. Shelf life is 2, 5 years.


Trazhenta not assigned to people, which is fixed in the body of diabetic ketoacidosis, as well as type I diabetes. The incidence of hypoglycemia when receiving Trazhenty as a possible drug were equal to those that arise from the placebo.

Medical studies show that the likelihood of hypoglycemia after receiving Trazhenty simultaneously with other drugs that do not cause hypoglycemia was similar after consuming a placebo.

Derivatives of sulfonylurea contribute to the development of hypoglycemia. That is why, taking them to linagliptinom, be careful. In some cases, a doctor can significantly reduce the dosage of sulfonylurea derivatives.

Up to the present day have been recorded by medical studies that have described the interaction Trazhenty with insulin. Patients with severe renal insufficiency Trazhentu prescribed together with other hypoglycemic agents.

The glucose concentration is best reduced in case take Trazhenty analogs or formulation before eating. Because of possible dizziness while using this drug is best not to drive.