Travogen - an antifungal drug for topical application.

Dosage form and composition

Travogen release  Travogen per pack
 as a 1% white cream, homogeneous, opaque texture. 100g of active components - isoconazole nitrate - 1 g Auxiliary components: sorbitan stearate, white petrolatum, purified water, cetyl stearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, a liquid paraffin.

The aluminum tubes of 20 g

Travogen analogues are the following drugs: isoconazole Guinot-travogen ovulum.

Pharmacological action travogen

The active ingredient of the drug is a synthetic derivative of imidazole. According to the instructions travogen has antibacterial and antifungal local action.

Review travogen effective against yeast, molds and yeasts, dermatophytes and Gram-positive bacteria.

Indications travogen

According to the instructions travogen indicated for fungal infections of the skin, namely:

  • athlete;
  • chromophytosis;
  • trichophytosis, microsporia rubrofitii;
  • candidiasis;
  • mycosis smooth skin and feet;
  • erythrasma.


The drug is contraindicated and analogues travogen only if hypersensitivity to the components.

Dosing and dosing regimen travogen

According to the instructions travogen designed for outdoor use.

Children between one month and adults cause the drug or analogue travogen thin layer to the affected skin once daily. The duration of treatment is two to four weeks.

In severe cases, it can be a long-term therapy. To exclude a relapse, treatment cream should continue for two weeks after the disappearance of clinical symptoms.

Side effects travogen

As a rule, travogen Review well tolerated, even when applied to sensitive skin.

There were few reviews about Travogene showing skin irritation and allergic reactions occur.


No reviews  Cream travogen
 about Travogene regarding overdose has been reported.

Application travogen during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Use of the drug during pregnancy is possible if the ratio of benefits and risks for the mother and the fetus.

Information about whether the active substance penetrates the drug in breast milk, there is no, so if you need to use the drug or analogue travogen should decide the issue of termination of breastfeeding.

storage conditions

Cream store in a dry place at room temperature for no longer than five years.