Tireoidin - a drug for the treatment of conditions arising from thyroid dysfunction.

Pharmacological action

Tireoidin - hormonal agent,  Tireoidin per pack
 the effect of which is realized at the expense of thyroid hormones: T2 - thyroxin and T3 - triiodothyronine.

Under the influence of thyroidin reduced thyroid function, thyroid-stimulating activity of the pituitary gland.

It is also noted that taking thyroidin stimulates the growth of tissues, increases their oxygen demand, a positive effect on energetic processes in the state of the nervous, cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver, promotes the absorption of glucose, its utilization, enhances the metabolism of cholesterol.

Form release thyroidin

Tireoidin produced in the form of powder, tablets.


The medicine is prescribed for cretinism - a congenital disease of the thyroid gland, causing inhibition of physical, mental development; when miksedeme - a sharp deterioration of the thyroid gland; primary hypothyroidism; cerebral-pituitary disorders.

In addition, you can take when Tireoidin thyroid cancer; obesity is complicated by hypothyroidism; while endemic, sporadic goiter.

Instructions thyroidin - method of application

The drug is taken only inside the dosage the doctor usually appointed after the results of the survey.

The standard dosing regimen thyroidin as follows: adult hypothyroidism, myxedema administered 0, 05-0, 2 grams per day. Take this dose of the drug should be as long as the pulse is restored, adjusted metabolism, stabilizes cholesterol levels.

For the treatment of endemic, sporadic and diffuse euthyroid goitre appoint 0, 1-0, 2 g thyroidin. The dosage in therapy lowered to 0, 05-0, 1 year

For the treatment of toxic goiter prescribe the drug at a dose of 0, '05

In cancer of the prostate after radiotherapy or lumpectomy Tireoidin take a dosage 0, 2-0, 3 grams per day.

Take Tireoidin a day. Gradually  Tireoidin tablets
 the dosage was increased to 0, 15-0, 2, to enhance the effect of hormonal drug treatment combined with antithyroid drugs.

Babies can be given up to one year Tireoidin, but not in the tablets and pellets. Before using the drug is mixed with water or jelly - 2-3 tablespoons.

Children with hypothyroidism, myxedema can prescribe medication such daily dosages: 10-14 years - 0, 45 grams; 7-9 years - 0 3 grams; 5-6 years - 0, 25 grams; 3-4 PM - 0, 15 grams; 2 years - 0, 09 grams; six months - 1 year - 0, 06 grams; up to six months - 0, 03 grams.

The maximum permissible dose for adults thyroidin - 1 gram per day.

Action thyroidin significantly after two or three days of treatment, but it should be continued up to 3 weeks or a month.

Side effects thyroidin

When used incorrectly thyroidin - overstating the dose may start angina pectoris, tachycardia, an allergy, sweating, irritability, can worsen the course of diabetes, disrupt sleep.


Tireoidin of instructions can not be assigned in Addison's disease, diabetes, general exhaustion, thyrotoxicosis, severe coronary insufficiency.