Valerian tincture


Valerian tincture - of vegetable origin with a calming effect.

Pharmacological action

The agent is a tincture of valerian root, which contain essential oils, alkaloids, tannins, valeric acid, borneol. These active ingredients contribute to the extinction of excitation in the central nervous system, enhance the effects of hypnotics, sedatives, analgesic and antispasmodic drugs.

Product form

The drug is produced in the form of alcoholic tinctures in bottles.

Indications for use of valerian tincture

The use of tincture of valerian is effective for increased emotional excitability, sleep disorders, irritability, with functional disorders of the cardiovascular system (dystonia neurocirculatory).

According to the instructions of valerian tincture is appointed and spasms of the digestive tract.


Not valerian tincture children under 12L, patients with depression and other diseases associated with CNS depression, pregnant and lactating women.

Do not use this tincture valerian patients who found the sensitivity to the active substances and alcohol means.

According to the instructions of valerian tincture during the course of treatment should refrain from managing complex mechanisms, transport, to perform work that requires quick reaction and attention.

Instructions for use of valerian tincture

 Valerian tincture
 Adults valerian tincture is taken orally for 20-30kap. 3-4 p / day. Usually, treatment is carried out before signs of improvement and stabilization of the patient.

Valerian tincture is prescribed for children with 12l. Dosage is calculated on the number of years - a one-year life of one drop means. The infusion of the children is also provided inside.

The attending physician can be assigned to other therapeutic regimens, depending on the patient's health.

side effects

Prolonged use of tincture of valerian and its overdose can cause headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, abdominal pain, general weakness, blurred vision, hearing loss, nausea, depression, reduced physical and mental performance.

Eliminating these symptoms may after symptomatic treatment, or emergency - gastric lavage, sorbents.

In the presence of the patient are hypersensitive agent may be an allergic reaction: itching, redness, swelling, skin rash.