Thrombin - hemostatic  Thrombin vial
 medicament intended for topical application.

Product form

The drug is released into 10 ml ampoules or glass vials containing at least 125 units of active substance.

The pharmacological action of thrombin

According to the instructions Thrombin is a natural component of the blood coagulation system, which the body is formed from prothrombin during its enzymatic activation thromboplastin.

In clinical practice the drug is obtained from plasma donors.

Indications for use of thrombin

According to the instructions Thrombin is used only topically to stop bleeding from parenchymal organs (internal organs - kidneys, liver, etc.) And the small capillaries (tiny blood vessels).

Use the drug during operations on the kidneys, liver, brain operations. Thrombin is effective to stop bleeding from the bone cavity, gums, particularly Vergolfa disease (multiple subcutaneous hemorrhage or mucosal under reduced platelet content in the blood), aplastic and aplastic anemia (low red blood cells in the blood because of the suppression of hematopoietic function of the bone brain).

Do not use in patients with bleeding from large vessels.

Thrombin is used as part of combination therapy for local hemostasis.

Dosing and dosing regimen thrombin

Before you start applying the ampoule  Thrombin ampoule
 drug-autopsied observing sterility rules in a sterile syringe injected into it isotonic NaCl solution at room temperature.

The resulting solution is impregnated with a sterile hemostatic sponge or collagen hemostatic sponge or sterile gauze, which should be imposed on the bleeding wound.

Gauze should be removed immediately after stopping the bleeding in the event of closure of the wound, or when dressing during the treatment of the open way. Hemostatic sponge can not be removed because it subsequently resolves itself.

To prevent blood clots removed from a wound swab should be very careful.

Not allowed intramuscular and intravenous administration of the drug. Introduction to the blood vessels can cause widespread thrombosis fatal.


According to the instructions Thrombin is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the drug.

storage conditions

The preparation is stored in a dry, dark place. Storage temperature - from 2 to 10 degrees.