Three-regolith - a contraceptive  Package Three-regolith
 assets included in the group of three-phase oral contraceptive.

The pharmacological action of the Three Regola

Three-regolith - a drug designed to suppress ovulation by its constituent active ingredients. These include the hormones estrogen and progestogen (ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel, respectively). Receiving Three-regulation contributes Regola hormone concentration in the blood (the amount of bringing them to a normal menstrual cycle), and also affects the secretory transformation of the endometrium. The consequence of the drug is to normalize the menstrual cycle, ovulation inhibition, restore physiological hormonal cycle of menstruation.

The contraceptive effect of taking three-Regola is due to blockade of the release of hypothalamic releasing factors and inhibition of secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone by the pituitary gland, resulting in inhibition of ovulation. Estrogen contributes to maintaining the high viscosity of the cervical mucus, making difficult getting sperm into the uterine cavity.

Product form

Three-regolith is available in three versions tablets: lenticular, glossy and disc-shaped. The package contains 21 tablets of different colors: 6 pcs. - Pink, 5 pcs. - White, 10 pcs. - Dark yellow. The carton may contain one to three such packages.

Indications Three Regola

According to the instructions to the three-regolith, the main indications for the administration of the drug are:

• oral contraception;

• dysmenorrhea;

• premenstrual syndrome.


Medical reviews of Tri-regolith warn of a possible contraindications, the list of which is extensive. Before starting the medication is recommended to take a look. The drug should not be used in the following cases:

• with severe liver disease. These include including Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Rotor, Gilbert, liver tumors;

• cholecystitis and cholelithiasis;

• in chronic colitis;

• with severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

• When positioning to thromboembolism;

• malignant tumors. Primarily - endometrial cancer or breast cancer;

• In familial forms of hyperlipidemia;

• in severe forms of hypertension;

• at different endocrine diseases, including in severe forms of diabetes;

• In sickle cell and chronic hemolytic anemia;

• If vaginal bleeding of unknown etiology;

• migraines;

• in otosclerosis;

• a number of diseases transferred during pregnancy: severe itching, herpes, idiopathic jaundice;

• during pregnancy and lactation;

• if you are hypersensitive to any component of the composition of three-Regola.

Instructions for use Three Regola

Instructions for Three-regolith recommended to strictly adhere to the prescribed dosage doctor on pill. General indications are described below.

Three regol be taken into one and the same time of day, the best - evening tablet squeezed a little water.

Depending on the purpose of receiving the dosage Three Regola is also different.

• In contraceptives to the drug should be taken daily for 21 days one tablet. Start receiving three-Regola should coincide with the first day of menstruation. After a course of 21 tablets is completed, you should take a break of 7 days during which menstruation occurs. Resuming the drug must be on the 8th day. Three-Self cancel Regola is not recommended;

• After the abortion medication on the day of surgery or the next day;

• Three reception Regola after birth is possible only with the possible exception of breastfeeding.

If a pill is missed once, it is recommended to take three-regolith in the next 12 hours .. If after the closing reception has been more than 36 hours. The degree of contraception is significantly reduced. This is recommended to continue taking the drug, thus avoiding inter-menstrual discharge bloody character. During this period, you should use additional contraception (non-hormonal), for example, barrier.

side effects

According to medical reviews of Tri-regolith possible side effects. Despite the fact that the probability of their occurrence is low, it is advisable to read to their list:

• nausea, jaundice, vomiting;

• The emergence of inter-menstrual bleeding, breast tenderness, increased glucose;

• Various changes of libido and vaginal secretions;

• headache, decreased emotional background;

• the occurrence of hypertension, venous thromboembolism, thrombosis;

• changes in body weight;

• allergic reactions such as pruritus, rash, chloasma.


Admission Tablets  Tablets Three-regolith
   to start only when the pregnancy is a possibility, and after a series of medical and gynecological examinations. During the period of application of three-Regola need to take gynecological examinations no less frequently than every six months.

Borne Viral Hepatitis is an indication to the fact that delay the onset of the medication for 6 months. In this case, it is also important to ensure the normalization of the liver. If you experience pain in the liver should consult a doctor who will evaluate the feasibility of canceling Three Regola.

The appearance of intermenstrual bleeding should not become a cause discontinuation if they spontaneously break. Re-emergence of a signal to the need for examination of the reproductive system to identify abnormalities.

Cancel Three Regola should take place no later than 3 months before pregnancy planning.

During the application of Regola Three women from 35 years of age and older are recommended to quit smoking.

The drug has no effect on the ability to drive a car or other vehicles.

Storage conditions Three Regola

Three-regolith be stored at a temperature not exceeding 30 ° mark. Shelf life is 5 years at the same time.