Three Mercy

Combined phase  Package Three Mercy
   contraceptive for internal use. Active ingredients: ethinyl estradiol, desogestrel. Excipients: Povidone, D, L-α-tocopherol, colloidal silicon dioxide, stearic acid, potato starch, lactose monohydrate. The shell consists of: macrogol, hypromellose, titanium dioxide, talc.

Pharmacological action

Effect of Three Mercy is based on various factors, the main of which - the inhibition of ovulation. In addition to the contraceptive action of combined oral contraceptives have a number of other positive effects. They produce regulation of the menstrual cycle results in a less painful menstruation, bleeding of lesser intensity. That in turn reduces the frequency of iron-deficiency anemia. The use of combined oral contraceptives with high levels of hormones reduces the risk of: fibrocystic breast, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammation, ovarian cancer, ectopic pregnancy.

Pharmacokinetics Three Mercy

Desogestrel by oral decision completely and rapidly absorbed, followed by conversion to etonogestrel.Etonogestrel binds to globulin, sex hormone binding. Bioavailability is 62-81%.

The drug is fully metabolized by metabolic pathways of steroid hormones. The interaction between both etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol taken were found. Final phase half-life of the drug after 30 hours. The drug and its metabolites are excreted in urine and bile, in the proportion of 6: 4.

Globulin, sex hormone binding effect on the pharmacokinetics of desogestrel. Daily intake increases the levels of drug in blood plasma of 2-3.

Ethinyl estradiol in oral decision completely and rapidly absorbed. Bioavailability, as a result of metabolism and conjugation presistemna, during the initial passage through the liver is about 60%.

The concentration of ethinyl estradiol in the blood decreases in two stages. The final stage is characterized by a half-life Three Mercy about a day.

Stable level of concentration of the drug is achieved after 3-4 days of regular use.

Dosage Three Mercy and instructions for use

Tablets are accepted scheme indicated on the package, every day at the same time, it is possible with the liquid. The course of daily administration lasts 21 days. Then do a week break during which bleeding occurs menstrualnopodobnoe.

Provided that there was no prior admission (last month) hormonal contraceptives, receiving three Mercy should start from the first day of the menstrual cycle, but not later than 5 days from the beginning of the cycle. If you delay the start of the reception in the first week it is recommended to combine the reception Mersis Three other non-hormonal methods of contraception.

When done in the I trimester of pregnancy abortion, you can immediately start taking three Mersey. In this case there is no need to use other methods of contraception.

After II trimester abortion or childbirth, the drug is recommended to begin in 21-28 days. At the beginning of the use of the drug after the deadline in the first seven days of receiving it is recommended to combine with barrier methods of contraception.

When a single missed pills, if the delay is not more than 12 hours, contraceptive efficacy is not reduced. It should take the pill as soon as possible and continue to keep taking the usual time.

If the delay in the schedule of the drug was more than 12 hours, the contraceptive reliability of the drug decreases. According to the three Mercy instructions to achieve a reliable contraceptive effect, the drug should be taken daily for 7 days.

Changing the period of menstruation

For intentional delay of menstruation can use white tablets of three different package Mercy in combination with a conventional regimen. At the same menstrual cycle can be delayed for up to 7 days.


The drug is given as a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.


Combined oral  Three tablets Mercy
 contraceptives should not be taken under the following diseases, and in the case of diagnosis during the reception - immediately end it.

• venous or arterial thrombosis;

• The presence of clinical manifestations of vascular thrombosis;

• Diabetes mellitus with vascular complications;

• The presence of risk factors for arterial or venous thrombosis;

• Have severe liver disease, a steady decline of its functions;

• benign or malignant liver tumors;

• Vaginal bleeding is not clear origin;

• Pregnancy;

• hypersensitivity to the drug, which is part of Three Mercy.

Overdose Three Mercy

In overdose Three Mersey review evidence of serious complications had been received. Possible symptoms of an overdose include nausea, vomiting, and in young women - spotting. In case of overdose symptomatic treatment is recommended, there is no antidote.

Side effects Three Mercy

Possible side effects may manifest as: breast tenderness, the appearance of secretions, headaches, chest pains, depression, change in libido, intolerance to contact lenses, vomiting, nausea. However, a direct relationship between the intake of three Mercy and side effects mentioned above, has not been established.

Drug interaction Three Mercy

The combination of some drugs may cause excessive bleeding and reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. Similar effects were recorded when taking barbiturates, rifampin, carbamazepine, as well as possible while taking griseofulvin and oxcarbazepine. This is due to the induction of these preparations of liver enzymes involved in the metabolism of combined oral contraceptives. The effect can last up to one month after the abolition of the drug.

According to the feedback received three Mercy may reduce their effectiveness when combined with certain antibiotics like ampicillin and tetracycline. When data is received antibiotics for the whole receiving period plus seven days, should be entered in addition to hormonal contraceptive barrier, while rifampicin, plus another 28 days after admission.


In large-scale studies have not been established the risk of negative effects on children whose mothers used oral contraceptives prior to pregnancy, as well as by mistake during pregnancy. Hormonal contraceptives may affect the quantity and composition of milk, so their use is not recommended during lactation.

Shelf life Three Mercy

Shelf life 3 years. Store in a dark, dry place away from children. Temperature storage of 2 to 30 ° C.