Golden thoroughwax
 Thoroughwax - a perennial herb with horizontal rhizome. It has straight stem, usually solitary, simple or on top of a slightly branched. The plant can reach a height of 1, 5 meters. The lower and basal stem leaves are oblong, medium - ovate, top leaves - small, bright green color. On the underside of the leaves has a bluish bloom. Blossoms yellow flowers with a golden hue, gathered in large umbrellas. The fruits have very prominent winged cuts.

Places habitat and species thoroughwax

There are about 150 species of this plant. Mostly they grow in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caucasus and North America. In Russia, you can see only a few species - usually in Siberia, the European part of Russia and the Far East.

Medicinal values ​​are only three types of plant:

  • Thoroughwax golden - it has large leaves with a bluish bloom and quite large umbrellas to 10 cm in diameter. It grows in sparse forests, ravines, forest edges, on the banks of rivers and reservoirs. It can be found on the territory of Siberia and the Urals. This type of plant is often used for decorative purposes.
  • Thoroughwax mnogozhilchataya - has narrow leaves, expanding the base. It grows on forest fringes, meadows, slopes and mountains of Siberia, mountain-belts Salair and Altai. It is believed that high in the mountains of the healing properties of the plant increase.
  • Thoroughwax kozeletselistnaya - the stem has a low (to 0, 5 m), and a simple root system (unlike other species). It grows on rocks, dry slopes, meadows and rocky alluvial deposits in Siberia and the Far East. In people, it is called "wolf oak."

The chemical composition of thoroughwax

The plant contains tannin, ascorbic acid, carotene, saponins, alkaloids, phytosterols and flavonoids (rutin, izokvertsetin, and quercetin rutinoside).

Medicinal properties thoroughwax

Scientific medicine thoroughwax prized medicinal plant in the treatment of various liver diseases: hepatitis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, cirrhosis, angioholitah.

In clinical and experimental studies have shown that the use of gold enhances secretion thoroughwax liver and pancreas. The plant increases bile flow changes its chemical composition promoting the excretion of cholesterol, acids and pigments. The plant is widely used to cleanse the body.

Application thoroughwax

 Thoroughwax mnogozhilchataya
 It is known that the liver - is a kind of "filter" in the body. Therefore, any kind of poisoning (alcohol, food, medicine and other.) It takes the brunt, so that suffers more than other organs. Application thoroughwax protects the liver from the negative impact from the effects of poisoning emissions petrochemical plants, harmful effects of the hydrocarbons, and even from the effects of radio waves. Decoctions and infusions of plants taken after a fatty meal. They are effective in all liver diseases.

Already well established that the plant has analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.

In folk medicine the plant is used as a cholagogue in diseases of the gallbladder and liver. Thoroughwax antiseptic, choleretic and tonic effect. Regular use thoroughwax changes the chemical composition of bile, increasing its cholesterol, bilirubin and fatty acids.

In the plant body has a restorative effect and contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes. Thoroughwax also used as a diuretic and laxative.

Thoroughwax - contra

In addition to the beneficial properties, there are contraindications to thoroughwax. For example, thoroughwax contraindicated for people suffering from peptic ulcer disease and gastric acidity.

Thoroughwax also contraindicated for people prone to allergies. It happens that on reception of a plant can develop an allergic reaction to certain chemicals.