Spiny thistle
 Thistle - a plant with straight and branched spiny stems from the family Asteraceae, grows in the Black Earth region of Russia on vacant lots, gardens, near water, near the road.

In medicine, use flowers and leaves of the plant, raw materials procurement is carried out during the flowering thistle: from June to September. The leaves, cut lengthwise, and flowers are dried in the shade. By the use of medicinal raw materials fit for another two years after harvesting, it must be stored in wooden boxes.

Useful properties thistle

The plant alkaloids are found, flavones, coumarins, saponins. Tools made from thistle, have diuretic, wound healing, antimicrobial, hemostatic effect. It was also noted that the thistle stimulates heart activity, the nervous system, increases blood pressure, inhibits the growth of tumors.

Application thistle

The broth, boiled leaves thistle is effective for inflammation of the bladder, with swelling, hemorrhoids, colds manifestations.

 Flowers thistle
 To prepare the broth, two spoonfuls tablespoons crushed leaves thistle pour 250 ml of hot water, boil for 15 min. in a water bath. Strain the broth after 45 minutes, when it cools down and infusions. Drink Drugs recommends after eating 3p / day for 1/3 cup.

Broth thistle, cooked in this recipe can be applied externally: when festered wounds, ulcers, skin diseases compresses help. They need to change the two p / day.

Cystitis helps tea from dried leaves of thistle: spoon insist hour in 200ml boiling water. Drink this remedy 2-3r / 200ml day for 10 days.

If abrasions clean the blood and can be cured with the help of juice from freshly picked leaves thistle. His drink tea spoon three p / day.

Powder cleared of thorns leaves thistle helps in diseases of the urinary bladder. Take powder thistle three p / day tea spoon, washed down with water.

When hemorrhoids, colds, rheumatism, tetanus, disorders of the heart, malignant tumors can prepare a decoction of the leaves, flower baskets thistle: 20g raw boil 10 minutes. in 200ml of water. When the broth has cooled, it is necessary to drain, pour boiling water to get the original volume of the liquid. Drink no more than a means of 4 p / day, 1st spoon.

If you have poor general health and fatigue helps a thermos thistle leaves three tablespoons leaves pour 500ml boiling water, kept in a thermos 12 hours, then boiled for 3-5 minutes. Take the infusion of thistle 100-125ml, warm, three p / day.

When arrhythmias, cardiac neurosis makes a decoction of the leaves and inflorescence thistle: tablespoon dried minced raw pour 200ml of hot water, boil for 15 minutes, then filtered and made up to 200ml boiled water source. Means you need to drink ½ cup 3-4r / day.

With a cold infusion recommend this: two tablespoons of crushed dried leaves, flower baskets thistle pour 250 ml of hot water, boil for 15 minutes, insist 45 minutes, topped up with boiling water to reach the initial volume. Drink infusion of 0, 5 cup three p / day.

When skin diseases in children is recommended means of thistle: two tablespoons herb pour 200-250ml boiling water, stand an hour and filter. Children provide a means several times a day ½ cup. When uterine bleeding a decoction of the thistle can also help - drink it 5-6r / day 100-125ml.

Instead, decoctions and infusions under these diseases helps juice squeezed from fresh leaves of thistle. Drink it three p / day for 0, 5 tablespoons of tea. As a preventive measure to strengthen and juice can be drunk after removal of the tumor - for 1st teaspoon 3p / day. In addition, the juice thistle treated areas of the skin affected by cancer.

Diarrhea, cramps, bloody sputum, liver helps broth fruit thistle - oblong achenes brown or brown, which appear in September and October. To prepare a decoction thistle, spoon fruit pour 500 ml of water, boil for 10 minutes. Take it a few times a day 80-85ml.

Ulcers, lupus, skin cancer, and after removal of the tumor is effectively a means of inflorescences thistle: take a bottle capacity 0, 5L, fill it with flowers, pour vodka and a month in a warm place for her keep, do not forget to shake the contents regularly. When the drug stand, inflorescence thistle squeeze and strain the infusion. Drink it in diseases of the Council on these two sets of 30ml / day, but not more than 2 times a week.

Contraindications thistle

Thistle tend to increase the pressure, so hypertensive agents based on it are contraindicated.