Samarovka - disinfectant.

Pharmacological action

The solution Samarovka inhibits Candida and dermatophyte fungi, bacteria, including causing tuberculosis, tularemia, cholera, plague, Legionnaires, and viruses, including HIV and hepatitis viruses.

 Samarovka Solution

Active substances disinfector - alkidimetilbenzilammony chloride, alkyldimethyl ammonium chloride.

Product form

Disinfector Samarovka produced as a concentrated solution in plastic containers of 200, 50, 10, 1, 0, 5 liters.


Samarovka solution used for disinfection treatment of plumbing equipment, indoor surfaces: means sprayed and wiped the surface, furniture and equipment.

To handle items of patient care, equipment, intended for daily cleaning, laundry, medical devices, utensils, they are immersed in a container with a solution.

Use Samarovka for disinfection work of purification of infectious foci in health care, education, child care centers, in trade, public catering, at municipal facilities.

Samarovka solution can also be used for general cleaning, purification of air conditioning and ventilation to prevent the development of bacterial infections (except for tuberculosis).

The instructions Samarovka stated that the means used for the preliminary purification of endoscopes to high-level disinfection.

Instructions Samarovka: how to use

Since the solution is made as a concentrate prior to use it is diluted with water. Depending on the subject and type of disinfection by using different concentrations of working solutions. Cooking can be in containers of any material.

For preparing a liter of working solution 5 ml Samarovka taken 0, 5% and 995 mL of water; to prepare 10 l - 50 ml of the product and 9950 ml of water.

If using 1% concentrate Samarovka for preparing liters of solution take 10 ml of the product and 990 ml of water; for the preparation of 10 liters. - 100 ml of the product and 9900 ml of water.

When using the 2% concentrate for dilution liters of solution take 20 ml Samarovka and 980 ml of water; for the preparation of 10 liters. - 200 ml concentrate and 9800 ml of water.

After preparation of the working solution in the mandatory check its concentration. For this purpose, special test strips.

 Samarovka in a plastic bottle

Precautions when using the solution Samarovka

Samarovka Store in the original packaging, in places that are protected from moisture, sunlight and are as far as possible from heat sources.

If the canister with the concentrate leaks, it is removed by means of retaining liquid substances, silica gel, and sand, and then sent for recycling. The concentrate, which remained, wash off with water.

Persons engaged in the cleaning and disinfection is necessary to use personal protective equipment: goggles, rubber boots and gloves, protective clothing.

According to the instructions Samarovka can not be combined with anionic active agents and soap.

Do not allow contact with the concentrated solution down the drain