Low-calorie nutritional sems Klinutren Optimum.
 Klinutren - a low-calorie balanced nutritional formula.

Pharmacological action

Active substances that are part of a low calorie nutrient mixture Klinutren for oral and enteral nutrition, compensate for a deficiency of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, help to maintain the required energy substrates in the body.

The efficacy and safety of the nutrient mixture components provide properties Klinutrena:

  • The fat component consists of saturated medium chain triglycerides, corn oil and rapeseed;
  • The protein component comprises a mixture of casein and whey proteins, provides the required level of essential amino acids, in addition, it is easily and quickly broken down and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract;
  • The carbohydrate component contains no lactose and gluten-free and contains most of maltodextrin for maintaining low osmolarity.

Included in the mix Klinutren essential vitamins provide the body with essential day supply while consuming the recommended daily intake:

  • Vitamin A is involved in the formation of visual pigments, and also operates the mucous membranes of the eyes and epithelial cells of the skin, respiratory tract and urinary;
  • Vitamin D3 regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the body and is particularly important during childhood and old age, is involved in bone mineralization;
  • Vitamin C promotes the redox processes in the body, the healing of wounds and provides the synthesis of collagen and is essential for the metabolism of folic acid and iron;
  • Vitamin PP slows blood clotting and affect erythropoiesis;
  • Vitamin E is essential for the formation of the body's immune response. Besides its antioxidant properties, it inhibits oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids will inactivate the free radicals which initiate the oxidation of membrane lipids and protects hormones from oxidation, which in turn slows the aging body tissues;
  • Vitamin K is involved in the synthesis of prothrombin in the liver and is a component of biological membrane;
  • B vitamins are included in the composition of the mixture Klinutren, promote tissue regeneration, essential for the growth of the body, normal blood formation, metabolism of acetylcholine and carbohydrate metabolism, acts as a catalyst of cellular respiration and visual perception;
  • Vitamin H is involved in the metabolic processes of the skin.

Included in the mix Klinutren macro- and microelements contribute:

  • Improvement of energy processes;
  • A more intensive exchange of fats;
  • Improve appetite and growth;
  • The maintenance of osmotic pressure and acid-base balance in the body;
  • Processes of nerve impulses;
  • The formation of bone and teeth;
  • Improvement of the blood;
  • Reduce the permeability of the vessel walls;
  • Ensure the transport of oxygen to the tissues;
  • Improve the functioning of the central nervous system;
  • The formation of thyroid hormones;
  • Stimulate immunity;
  • Regulation of blood glucose levels.

Product form

 Low-calorie nutritional sems Klinutren Junior.
 Nutrient mixture produced in three types:

  • Klinutren Junior;
  • Klinutren Optimum;
  • Klinutren Diabetes.

It includes the necessary proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as vitamins and micro and macro elements. Energy value of 100 grams of dry mix Klinutren is 461 kcal. The banks of 400 g

Indications Klinutrena

According to the instructions nutritious mixture Klinutren appoint:

  • As oral or enteral tube feeding to correct malnutrition in the pre- and postoperative periods;
  • When anemia;
  • With increased energy needs associated with sports, injuries, increased mental load operations, chronic disease;
  • When immunodeficiency;
  • As an additional nutrition during pregnancy and the postpartum period;
  • The programs of weight correction.


The nutrient mixture is contraindicated apply:

  • In children up to 3 years;
  • In case of hypersensitivity to the components Klinutrena.

Dosing Klinutrena

Mixtures Klinutren taken orally or by tube, to the powder according to Scheme dissolved in the necessary amount of boiled water at room temperature and stirred until complete dissolution.

When using Klinutrena should be aware that the mixture contains a moderate amount of carbohydrates, which is particularly important in hyperglycemia.

side effects

Nutrient mixture Klinutren side effects cause no reviews. In the rare cases with severe individual intolerance, the mixture may cause allergic reactions.

storage conditions

Klinutren can be purchased without a prescription. The recommended shelf life of mixtures - 2 years.