Tetravit - combined formulation to fill a lack of vitamins in the body of animals.

Structure and Composition

Tetravitum discharged as a clear, oily injectable solution pale yellow. 1 ml vitamin solution contains the following: F (5 mg) and E (20 mg), D3 (25 000 IU), A (50 000 IU).  Release form of the drug tetravit

The sealed vials at 20, 50 or 100 ml.

Pharmacological action Tetravita

According to the instructions tetravit up for a deficiency of vitamins in the body of animals.

Contained in a preparation vitamin A regulates the functions, structure and regeneration of epithelial tissue, reducing susceptibility to infections. Use of vitamin A in high doses increases metabolism and prevents a decrease in body weight.

Tocopherol acetate effect on carbohydrate and fat metabolism, regulates redox reactions, enhances the action of other B vitamins included in the formulation.

Vitamin D3 normalizes the exchange of phosphorus and calcium affect their absorption in the digestive tract, as well as providing antirachitic action.

Application Review Tetravita quickly fills the shortage of vitamins in the blood accumulates in their tissues.

The recommended dosage is well tolerated by the animals tetravit, it has no embryotoxic, irritant, sensitizer, teratogenic and mutagenic effects.

Indications Tetravita

According to the instructions tetravit for the treatment and prevention of hypovitaminosis, with increasing requirements for vitamins owing to the additional physical exertion:

  • in the second half of pregnancy;
  • in stressful situations;
  • for transportation of animals;
  • during the period of breast-feeding;
  • in low gain and growth retardation;
  • for violations of reproductive function;
  • the replacement of the diet;
  • after injuries and surgeries;
  • when veterinary activities: de-worming and vaccinations;
  • when invasive and infectious diseases (as adjunctive therapy).

Tetravita Dosage and method of administration

According to the instructions tetravit perroralno administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. Dosages Tetravita following (per animal per day):

  • suckling pigs, lambs - 1 ml;
  • Heifer - 2 ml;
  • newborn piglets - to 0, 5 ml;
  • adult pigs and horses - 3-5 ml;
  • Rabbits - to 0, 2 ml;
  • cows, oxen, bulls - 5-6 ml;
  • Young calves and foals - 2-3 ml;
  • cats, sheep - 1-2 ml;
  • dog - at 0, 2-1 ml.

Dry cows tetravit was administered 1-1, 5 months before calving, pregnant sows - 3-4 weeks before farrowing.  Tetravit vial

For the prevention of drug administered once every two weeks, with the purpose of treatment - once a week.

When administered orally to animals give the drug with food for three weeks.

Side effects Tetravita

In the opinion of tetravit in recommended dosage does not cause side effects.


According to the instructions tetravit has the following contraindications:

  • hypersensitivity;
  • hypervitaminosis.


During application of the drug to be included in the diet of phosphorus, calcium, protein, minerals and magnesium.

When administered orally in combination with oil laxatives and acetylsalicylic acid degrades absorption of vitamins.

When using Tetravita products from animals can be eaten.

storage conditions

Tetravit stored in a cool dark place for no longer than 24 months.