Terzhinan - combined local drug used in gynecology.

Pharmacological action

Terzhinan active ingredients have antibacterial, antiprotozoal,  Terzhinan per pack
 anti-inflammatory and antifungal activity due to its member components:

  • Ternidazol exhibiting activity against many anaerobic bacteria (in particular - Gardnerella spp.), Has a marked effect trihomonatsidnoe;
  • Nystatin - highly active anti-fungal antibiotic (against the fungi of the genus Candida);
  • Neomycin sulfate belongs to the group of broad spectrum antibiotics (aminoglycoside);
  • Prednisolone has anti-inflammatory effect.

This composition provides instructions for terzhinan integrity of the vaginal mucosa and stable indicator of pH.

Form release terzhinan

Terzhinan produced in the form of vaginal tablets, containing several active components:

  • 200 mg ternidazola;
  • 100 thousand IU of nystatin;
  • 3 mg prednisolone;
  • 100 mg of neomycin sulfate.

Auxiliary substances forming part of vaginal tablets include magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate, wheat starch, colloidal silicon dioxide and sodium carboxymethyl. 6 or 10 pieces in strips.

Analogs terzhinan

Analogues terzhinan of the active substance is not released. The closest analogue terzhinan mechanism of action is drug Giterna.

Indications terzhinan

According to the instructions Terzhinan prescribed for the treatment of vaginitis, which are caused by susceptible microorganisms to the drug at:

  • Bacterial vaginosis;
  • Bacterial vaginosis;
  • Vaginitis caused by fungi of the genus Candida;
  • Trichomoniasis of the vagina;
  • Mixed vaginitis.

In addition, Terzhinan Review is effective for the prevention of vaginitis in the following cases:

  • Before an abortion or childbirth;
  • Before the various gynecological operations;
  • Before and after diathermocoagulation cervix, as well as the installation of the CPA;
  • Before the hysterography.


Terzhinan apply contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components of vaginal tablets.

Dosing terzhinan

By indications Terzhinan administered in an amount of audio vaginal tablets per day, usually at night. Tablet prior to administration to the vagina necessary to take in water for 20-30 seconds.  Tablets Terzhinan

The average duration of the drug is ten days, but therapy Terzhinanom on the testimony can be extended to 20 days.

Stop treatment means during menstruation should not be.

Overdose drug is unlikely, since according to the instructions Terzhinan not have a high degree of absorption into the bloodstream.

According to the testimony Terzhinan can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

Side effects

Terzhinan of reviews in rare cases may cause local reactions in the form of a burning sensation and local irritation, which is most often seen at the beginning of therapy.

The occurrence of allergic reactions when using terzhinan for reviews is very rare.

Storage conditions

Terzhinan and an analogue of the drug dispensed by prescription. Shelf life vaginal tablets - three years.