Taraxacum officinale

Description dandelion

 Taraxacum officinale
 Dandelion - perennial, flowering bright yellow flowers visible. For therapeutic purposes, using all parts of the dandelion as above-ground part and roots. Harvest leaves and flowers when the plant is in bloom, and the roots dug in early spring or fall.

In Taraxacum detected phosphorus, vitamins B, A, C, E, potassium, nickel, copper, manganese, calcium, cobalt, boron, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, phosphorus. Known medicinal properties of dandelion are: sedative, tonic, diaphoretic, choleretic, analgesic, blood-purifying, antibacterial.

In the description of dandelion it is said that long-term storage is best flowers and leaves to dry in the air, hiding from the sun, turning regularly. And the roots of the plant are dried at 50-60 degrees in the dryer. The dried parts of the plant should be kept in paper or cardboard containers: flowers and leaves - one or two years, and the roots - about five years.

The use of medicinal properties of dandelion

The plant helps improve the digestive tract, restores strength, improves metabolism, clears toxins, stimulates the pancreas affects the production of insulin.

Preparations dandelion cleanses the blood, stimulates the formation of white blood cells and blood formation process as a whole, so the plant is recommended to use in cancer, inflammation of lymph nodes, poisonings.

When anemia is useful to drink juice from dandelion - for 50-100g daily for three weeks. Prepare juice is preferable from young leaves.

In addition, the juice of dandelion is useful for a breakdown, the spring vitamin deficiency, deterioration of the gastrointestinal tract, poor appetite.

The healing properties of dandelion is better to show up, if you mix it with the juice of black radish. This tool is very good for colic liver, gallstones, hepatitis, liver disease.

If you mix the juice of dandelion with carrot juice, to obtain an effective remedy for fractures, promotes rapid bone has healed. Such mixed juice can be given to children with rickets and the elderly to strengthen bones and prevent bone fractures.

With increased pressure, atherosclerosis helps dandelion powder: it is taken at 5g daily, wash down with water.

Juice, decoction of dandelion helps with dropsy, gout, rheumatism, kidney stones, snake bites. In diseases of the joints can take these tools inside, make lotions.

In addition, the juice from the dandelion increases lactation, helps with colds and fever, occurring with increasing temperature.

To treat cold sores on the lips, it is necessary at the first symptoms to lubricate the skin on the lips of fresh juice. It is useful at this time to make juice or syrup dandelion inside.

Medicinal properties of the dandelion is used in cosmetology: juice deduce freckles and age spots. For this freckle juice smeared with three p / day, and stubborn stains on the skin - about five p / day. Wash juice after dry clean water, whey or yogurt.

Fresh juice from the stalks of dandelion can be lubricated 5 p / day viral warts.

To moisturize the skin on the face, giving it more elasticity tablespoon juice plants mixed with a tablespoon of oatmeal and a teaspoon of honey. The tool is applied to the décolleté, neck, face, holding 15-20min, wash off with water.

A decoction of dandelion root helps in violation of the thyroid gland. Bath with a decoction effective in skin rashes, eczema.

In radiation skin lesions, burns oil helps extract of dandelion. To prepare it, the roots of dandelion shredded insist 2 weeks in sunflower or olive oil (1: 4) in a warm place. The resulting oil lubricated affected skin.

To prepare a decoction of the root of the dandelion is necessary to take one spoon tablespoon raw pour 250ml water and boil for one minute. Insist then the broth one hour filtered. Drink broth ½ cup in the morning, in the evening for 30 minutes before eating.  Supplements based on the roots of dandelion

To prepare a decoction of the leaves of dandelion, take five spoonfuls tablespoons raw pour 300ml boiling water and boil for another five minutes or three hours insist, filter.

Of dandelion juice prepared as follows: young leaves were collected, washed, incubated for 30 minutes in saline (three tablespoons of salt per liter of cold boiled water). After vylezhatsya leaves, they are washed in cold water, pour over boiling water, ground using a blender or grinder, and already from the resulting pulp squeeze the juice. Before applying the juice is typically diluted with water 1: 1. Store can be no more than two days in the cold. Drink juice at 0, 25, two rows of cups / day for 20 minutes before eating.

To prepare the syrup of dandelion first squeezed juice, and one part take two parts sugar, their mixed and soaked in open containers, stirring every hour to completely dissolve the sugar within two or three days. Thereafter, the syrup can be poured into a jar and put into cold. Drink a syrup teaspoon three p / day, it is effective in diseases of the stomach, liver.


In the description of dandelion stated that it is contraindicated in the presence of gastric ulcers, high acidity gastric juice, a tendency to frequent diarrhea, hypersensitivity.