Tantum Rosa

Tantum Rosa - a non-steroidal drug with anti-inflammatory effects used in gynecology.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Tantum Rosa - benzydamine characterized anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic and anti-bacterial action.  Tantum rose in the form of a solution

The antibacterial effect is achieved by fast penetration of pathogens through the membrane and, as a consequence, subsequent damage their cell structures and metabolic processes violation destruction (lysis) of cells. According to the instructions Tantum Rosa has antifungal activity with respect to Candida albicans, preventing their reproduction.

Form release Tantum Rosa

Tantum Rosa drug release in the dosage form:

  • Powder for vaginal solution, bags containing benzydamine in an amount of 500 mg. 10 bags in a package;
  • 0, 1% of vaginal solution in vials of 140 ml containing benzydamine at 100 mg. 5 vials per pack.

The analogue Tantum Rosa mechanism of action is drug Kipferon.

Indications Tantum Rosa

Tantum Rosa according to the instructions prescribed in the following cases:

  • Candida (including the vulva and vagina);
  • Inflammation of the cervix;
  • Disorders of menopause;
  • Acute vaginitis and vulvitis;
  • Subacute and chronic vaginitis and vulvitis;
  • Trichomoniasis.

The drug is also used Tantum Rosa:

  • As a means of care after birth;
  • As a preventive measure in operative gynecology.


According to the instructions Tantum Rosa is not appointed:

  • If a hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • Children under the age of twelve.

Dosing Tantum Rosa

Tantum Rosa used vaginally.  Powders Tantum Rose

The powder was used as follows: for solution one sachet dissolved in 500 ml of warm water and apply.

For douching 0, 1% solution of the volume of the vial is completely used, douche and warm solution.

The procedure is performed lying down, leaving the liquid in the vagina for a few minutes.

The course of the drug Tantum Rosa - from seven to ten days, the multiplicity of douches - once or twice a day.

Generally, for the prevention of complications related to operations as well as in the postpartum period is sufficient to carry out one procedure per day for three to five days.

Side effects Tantum Rosa

In the opinion of Tantum Rosa subject to the recommendations carried out in the instructions to the side effects does not. In some cases, Tantum Rosa on responses can cause:

  • Dry mouth;
  • Allergic reactions;
  • Drowsiness.

storage conditions

Tantum Rosa drug store in a dark place, away from children. Storage temperature - not more than 25 ° C, shelf life - five years.