Tadenan - means for medical treatment of BPH.

Pharmacological action

Tadenan - the preparation of plant-based, it is obtained by extracting the active substances from the bark of an evergreen tree - African plum. It neutralizes basic fibroblast growth factor - connective tissue cells, and thereby reduces its proliferation, prevent fibrosis in the prostate gland.  Tadenan per pack

Tadenan instructions for anti-inflammatory and protivootechnoevozdeystvie the prostate, improving its function, stimulating the secretion. Anti-inflammatory effect is realized by suppressing the activity of the leukotrienes and other active substances. Hormonal activity in the treatment of cancer is not changed.

Tadenan also a complex effect on the smooth muscle cells of the bladder, improving its performance. The product eliminates these unpleasant symptoms of functional disorders like dysuria (discomfort and difficulty urinating), nocturia (frequent urination at night), pollakiuria (frequent urination).

It is especially effective in the early stages of degeneration of benign prostate with mild to moderate symptoms, while not required surgery. This medicine as a means of prevention of prostate adenoma recommended for use in patients with a predisposition to it. The positive dynamics of the disease in patients receiving both analogue Tadenan, and most of the drug is proved by many independent clinical research in the field of conservative urology.

Pharmacodynamics and metabolism Tadenan to study it is not possible because of the herbal drug.

The analogue Tadenan - drug trianola, he has long been used by urologists in the non-surgical treatment of BPH in the United States. From foreign patients also received good reviews about Tadenane.

Product form

The drug release capsules 50 mg.

Indications Tadenan

By Tadenan instructions used in the treatment of early stages of prostate adenoma, chronic prostatitis (to prevent fibrosis), after surgical removal of the entire prostate adenoma or cancer.


The drug should not be used in case of intolerance of its components. In particular, the medicament comprises a peanut oil, people with severe allergies to it may take place anaphylactic shock. This medicine is not intended for the reception of women.

Instructions for use Tadenan

The preparation is intended for domestic use, there are two variants of reception - All daily dose - 100 mg for 1 time, or 50 mg (1 capsule) twice daily, at intervals of 12 hours. Better timed reception Tadenan food. The course of treatment lasts 4 - 8 weeks, determines the length of his doctor. There are refresher courses.  Tadenan tablets

Before therapy is required to eliminate the malignant nature of the lesion of the prostate using ultrasound, rectal finger or special laboratory studies. It is also necessary to periodically monitor the state of the prostate during treatment. It is important to know that the use of Tadenan does not replace surgical treatment of prostate adenoma in case of need. During the course of therapy is undesirable to drink alcohol.

Side effects Tadenan

In the opinion of Tadenan well tolerated, occasionally occur in its application nausea, loss of appetite, constipation or diarrhea, gynecomastia and pain in the testicles, hives, anaphylactic shock.