Vormin tablets
 Vormin - synthetic high-worming medication.

Pharmacological action

The active substance Vormina worming has broad spectrum activity. Especially effective drug for enterobioze as quickly irreversible metabolic worms.

Product form

Vormin produced in the form of tablets, 6 pieces in the blister. Each tablet contains 100 mg of active substance - mebendazole.

Indications Vormina

According to the instructions Vormin used for:

  • Ascariasis;
  • Enterobioze;
  • Trichuriasis;
  • Echinococcosis;
  • Strongyloidiasis;
  • Mixed helminthiasis;
  • Hookworm;
  • Teniasis;
  • Trichinosis.


According to the instructions Vormin contraindicated for use in Crohn's disease, severe hepatic impairment, ulcerative colitis, and hypersensitivity to the active substance mebendazole. Besides tablets Vormin not recommended for children under the age of 2 years during pregnancy and lactation.

Dosing Vormina

 Vormin - preparation rendering worming action
 When treating enterobiasis adults and children from 10 years prescribed one tablet once Vormina and young children - 25-50 mg. If there is a high likelihood of re-infestation, 2-4 weeks pills Vormina repeated at the same dose.

When strongiloidoze, trihotsefaleze, ascariasis, taeniasis, hookworm and mixed helminthiasis usually prescribed 1 tablet Vormina twice a day, morning and evening, for at least 3 days.

When treating trichinosis requires longer treatment, during which the first 3 days take 2-4 tablets three times a day, and in the subsequent week, a single dose of 4-5 tablets.

When echinococcosis treatment Vorminom according to the instructions also carry over 10 days:

  • During the first 3 days - 500 mg twice daily;
  • 4-6 day - 5 Vormina tablets 3 times a day;
  • 7-10 day taking the maximum daily dose which is calculated based on the body weight - 25-30 mg per 1 kg, divided into 3-4 hours.

During treatment Vorminom and within days after the adoption of the latest tablets to consume alcohol and fatty foods contraindicated. Long-term treatment is recommended to control the drug picture of the liver, kidneys and blood.

Side effects Vormina

According to reviews Vormin usually well tolerated and children, and adults, but in some cases it can cause a variety of violations:

  • From the digestive system nausea and abdominal pain drug is rare. Prolonged use of tablets Vormina in high doses can lead to diarrhea and vomiting;
  • Dizziness, as a violation of the central nervous system, not often seen, prolonged use of Vormina reviews may cause headache;
  • From the urinary and hematopoietic system side effects occur only when taking the drug in high doses over a long period of hematuria, anemia, cylindruria, eosinophilia and leukopenia.

Storage conditions

Tablets Vormin sold without a doctor's prescription, the recommended shelf life - no more than 2 years.