Vikalin is a combined drug, used to treat diseases of the stomach and intestines.

Pharmacological action

Vikalin has antacid (capable of reducing the acidity), laxative, astringent and relieves spasms of action.

Under the action of sodium hydrogen carbonate and magnesium carbonate, which are part Vicalinum, decreases the activity of pepsin and reduced gastric acidity.

Another active ingredient, bismuth nitrate has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action, creates on the surface of the gastric mucosa protective film that prevents the penetration of pathogenic bacteria.

Kellin korenevische Calamus and relaxes muscles digestive tract, thereby improving the well-being begins. Buckthorn, part of Vikalin has a laxative effect. Rutin reduces the permeability of capillaries.

Composition Vikalin:

One tablet Vikalin contains magnesium carbonate, bismuth nitrate, sodium bicarbonate, korenevischa Calamus, Kellin, rutin, and auxiliaries.

Indications Vikalin

Application Vikalin advisable in such diseases:

- Hyperacid gastritis;

- Ulcer dyspepsia is not of origin;

- Gastroesophageal-reflux disease;

- Gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Instructions for use and dose Vikalin

 Vikalin pills
 The instructions to Vikalin stated that the tablets should be taken half an hour or an hour after meals. Tablets should Vikalin grind before use.

According to the instructions, Vikalin appoint one or two tablets three times a day.

Take Vikalin should be washed down with water in an amount of half a cup. The course of treatment ranges from one to three months, if necessary, the course may be repeated after a month.

side effects

Application Vikalin can cause allergic reactions, diarrhea.

Contraindications Vikalin

The instructions to Vikalin can read about the possible contraindications. These include:

- Hypoacid gastritis;

- Renal insufficiency;

- Peptic ulcer in conjunction with enterocolitis, cholecystitis, and a tendency to bleeding.

- Pregnancy.

Interaction with other drugs

Application Vikalin simultaneously with coumarin derivatives reduces their absorption.

Do not use Vikalin simultaneously with other drugs of bismuth to avoid overdose.

additional information

Application Vikalin may cause coloring of a chair in black or dark green.