Tizalud is a modern drug - a centrally acting muscle relaxant.

Tablets Tizalud: User

 Tizalud is a modern drug - a centrally acting muscle relaxant
 The active ingredient is tizanidine Tizaluda. Its effect is to reduce the spasm of skeletal muscle tone and, lowering their resistance to the motion. Pharmacological action Tizaluda associated with inhibition of spinal reflexes due to reduced release of excitatory amino acids, while at the neuromuscular drug connection is not affected.

Tablets Tizalud prescribed for painful spasms of skeletal muscles against the background of certain neurological diseases: degenerative changes in the spinal cord, stroke, multiple sclerosis, chronic myelopathy, as well as in treatment of various lesions of the spine (cervical and lumbar syndromes, as well as in the postoperative period in the herniated disc osteoarthritis and hip).

To achieve a therapeutic effect in accordance with instructions prescribed Tizalud 2-4 mg three times a day. In the most severe cases of possible supplementation - at night (also 2-4 mg). Generally, treatment begins with a daily dose of 6 mg, divided into three doses. Every 3-7 days the dose is gradually increased to 2-4 mg. The optimal dose of 12-24 mg per day, and the maximum - 36 mg per day.

 Tizalud take regardless of the meal, with a little water

Tizalud: reviews and special instructions

The drug should be taken regardless of the meal, washed down with a little water. At the beginning of treatment Tizaludom be possible to refrain from driving and other activities that require quick response and high concentration.

According to the reviews of Tizalude patients and professionals, neurologists drug has proven clinical and therapeutic efficacy are well tolerated in most cases.