Novinet - contraceptive.

Pharmacological action

Novinet - a monophasic oral hormonal contraceptive, which contains synthetic hormones desogestrel progestogen and estrogen ethinyl estradiol.

The estrogen component is 20mkg Novinet tablets, so preparation is mikrodozirovannym contraceptives.

Contraceptive effect of the drug is carried by suppressing ovulation, endometrial changes, thickening the mucus produced by the cervix, making it impervious to sperm.

Doctors about Novinet due to the low content of hormones in the most positive, so the pills along with other low-dose contraceptives are widely used in gynecology.

In addition to the contraceptive action marked therapeutic effect and tablets. Admission Novinet leads to equalization of the menstrual cycle, reduce blood loss during menstruation, reduce existing inflammation in the female genital organs. There are many positive reviews from its host Novinet women that after prolonged use of the drug improves the condition of the skin, especially for acne.

Also, judging by the reviews of doctors Novinet through drug can reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy, tumors in the breast, ovary, endometrium.

Product form

Novinet release tablets.

Indications for admission Novinet

Novinet according to the instructions indicated for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

To receive Novinet

Begin taking pills Novinet on the first day of menstruation and continue to drink 1st tablet daily for 21 days following the notes on the blister.

At the end of the course should be required to make a week break, after which in the same day of the week, which had started accepting Novinet, the course is resumed.

During the week-long passes usually starts menstruation, the pills resume whether or not stopped menstrual bleeding.

If a pill on the first day of menstruation was omitted, it is possible to start a course in the second or fifth day of menstruation, but physicians about Novinet ratings indicate a low contraceptive effect, in this case, therefore, for one week is necessary to use additional methods of protection against pregnancy.

 Novinet pills
 After abortion Novinet instructions for starting to take on the first day after surgery.

Take the pill you need at the same time of the day, avoiding the interval between pills over 12h. If this happens, you must take two tablets immediately Novinet use other methods of contraception in addition to continue to adhere to a standard regimen of the drug.

side effects

Judging by the reviews, Novinet can cause depression, migraines, nausea, ulcerative colitis, vomiting, amenorrhea, thromboembolism, intermenstrual bleeding, galaktoreyu, inflammation, water retention, weight change, allergy, erythema.

According to the instructions Novinet, in the event after its application hypertension, Sydenham chorea, pulmonary thromboembolism, hearing loss, heart attack, exacerbation of systemic lupus erythematosus, the pills should be stopped.


The drug should not be used in dyslipidemia, diabetic angiopathy, venous thromboembolism in personal, family history of ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction, jaundice, severe liver pathologies, endometrial hyperplasia, cholelithiasis, migraine, pankretatite, liver cancer, otosclerosis, vaginal bleeding of unknown origin, the presence of estrogen-tumor individual hypersensitivity.

Judging by the reviews, Novinet suppresses the production of milk, so breastfeeding is not recommended to take them. Tablets are also contraindicated for pregnant women and women smokers, after the age of 35L.

With care prescribe contraception for heart defects, atrial fibrillation, epilepsy, varicose disease, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, tendency to form blood clots.