Mifegin - drug for medical termination of intrauterine pregnancy for up to 42 days and start the process of preparation and delivery of full-term pregnancy in case of problems with the fetus.

 Tablets Mifegin intended for medical abortion
 Mifegin, micronized active ingredient Mifepristone is an antagonist of sex hormones, increases muscle contractility part of the walls of the uterus and its tone.

Pharmacological action Mifegin

Mifegin - synthetic steroid antigestagens drug that blocks the action of the hormone progesterone at the receptor level, progestogens inert. There counter mifepristone glucocorticosteroids (GCS) at the receptor level.

Tablets Mifegin increase the contractility of the muscular walls of the uterus part by stimulating the release of pro-inflammatory chemokine main - interleukin 8 horiodetsidualnoy tissue. Mifepristone increases the sensitivity of muscle tissue of the uterus to prostaglandins. To increase the effect, at the same time Mifegin prescribe a course of synthetic analogues of prostaglandin. The result is a scaly exfoliation and loss of amniotic membrane (expulsion) of the ovum.

Product form

Tablets Mifegin biconvex, light yellow color, on one side of the code "167V." Active ingredient - micronized mifepristone 200 mg 1 tablet.

Analogs Mifegin

Analogs tablets Mifegin of the active ingredient - the tablets: Agesta, Ginepriston, Gynestril administration, Zhenale, Miropriston, Mifepreks, Mifepristone, Mifolian, Penkrofton

Analogues Mifegin mechanism of action yet.

Indications Mifegin

According to the instructions to receive Mifegin recommended for termination in the early stages (up to 42 days of amenorrhea) uterine pregnancy.

Also, according to the instructions Mifegin may be appointed for the induction and training of labor in the case of fetal death when it is undesirable to use a prostaglandin or oxytocin.


According to the instructions Mifegin general indications are not appointed in the case of:

  • Adrenal insufficiency;
  • Acute or chronic renal failure;
  • Acute or chronic liver failure;
  • Porphyria;
  • Anemia;
  • Hemostatic disorders;
  • Receiving anticoagulants;
  • Long reception of glucocorticoids;
  • The severe extragenital pathology;
  • Hypersensitivity to any components of the preparation.

When medical abortion at Mifegin instructions do not apply in the case of:

  • Suspected ectopic pregnancy;
  • Pregnancy is not confirmed by clinical studies;
  • Amenorrhea for more than 42 days;
  • If pregnancy occurred after the abolition of hormonal contraceptives or intrauterine period of application;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • Smoking women older than 35 years without the permission of supervising therapist.

In appointing the drug to prepare and start the process of childbirth Mifegin instructions do not apply in the case of:

  • Severe preeclampsia, eclampsia, eclampsia;
  • Preterm or post-term fetus;
  • Placenta previa;
  • If the size of the fetal head does not match the woman's pelvis;
  • Anomalous presentation of the fetus;
  • Bleeding of unknown etiology of the genital tract.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, chronic heart failure, arrhythmia - a disease in which the tablet Mifegin be used with caution.

Dosing Mifegin

According to the instructions Mifegin tablets are for oral use. Use this product only in the hospital, having a license for provision of health services, adequate medical equipment and specially trained medical staff.

The scheme of tablets Mifegin determined by your doctor.

Drug interaction Mifegin

According to the instructions Mifegin should not be taken simultaneously with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Start taking these medicines may be 8-12 days after mifepristone.

side effects

 Mifegin - synthetic steroid drug antigestagens
 In the opinion of Mifegin can cause not only systemic adverse reactions associated with mifepristone, but undesirable effects directly from the carrying out of therapy.

Undesirable systemic side effects due to taking the pills Mifegin, reviews, manifested by general weakness, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, discomfort and pain in the lower abdomen.

Side effects of the treatment procedure when receiving Mifegin, reviews, manifested usually bleeding from the genital tract, abdominal pain, inflammation of the uterus and appendages.

storage conditions

Tablets Mifegin - A list of the drug stored in a dry, dark, place inaccessible to children. Shelf life - 3 years from date of manufacture.