Lizak pills
 Lizak - combined antiseptic formulation intended for topical treatment of inflammation of the throat and mouth.

Pharmacological action

Anti-fungal, antiseptic and antibacterial properties Lizak due to the action of its constituent components - lysozyme and dequalinium chloride.

These two substances are active against fungi, viruses, gram-positive and most Gram-negative microorganisms.

The action is due to anti-inflammatory effect of lysozyme Lizak, and the ability of the drug to increase local immunity.

Lizak has no systemic effects, as penetration into the systemic circulation is practically absent.

Indications Lizak

Apply Lizak instructions recommended for the treatment of inflammation of the throat and oral cavity, as glossitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, throat thrush and oral thrush, fibrosis, ulcerative, catarrhal gingivitis.

Before and after surgery in the mouth or throat tablets Lizak administered to prevent infection.


Tablets Lizak not be imposed upon persons with hypersensitivity to the drug, as well as suffering from malabsorption of glucose-galactose lactase deficiency, galactosemia.

Contraindicated drug to children under 4 years.

Be wary appointed Lizak pregnant and lactating women.

Instructions for use Lizak

Lizak comes in the form of tablets for the slow resorption.

 Lizak - for the treatment of inflammatory processes of the oral cavity and throat
 After applying Lizak manual recommends for half an hour to refrain from eating and drinking. Adults and children over 4y.o. early treatment is usually prescribed 1 tablet every 2-3 hours, after feeling better - every 4 hours.

The maximum daily dose Lizak for adults and children over 12 years - 10 tablets, for children 4-12 years - 5 tablets. Apply the product to be until symptoms disappear, and then for a further 1-2 days.

If the expected therapeutic effect has not been achieved after 5-7 days of treatment, continued use of the tablets Lizak should be discussed with your doctor.

side effects

Despite the fact that complaints of serious side effects of the drug are not received, the instruction to Lizak warns of possible adverse reactions such as:

  • dry mouth, nausea, goiter mouth;
  • irritation and a burning sensation in the throat;
  • Allergic reactions on the skin.

Additional Information

It should abandon the simultaneous application Lizak and kayeksalata as the possibility of severe lesions of the digestive tract. Formulations with anionic detergents, in particular toothpaste, reduces antimicrobial activity Lizak.

Store tablets Lizak in a dry place where the temperature does not rise above 25 0 C. Shelf life - 2 years.