Laktinet - birth control pills.

Pharmacological action

Laktinet - agent containing a progestogen that is designed to protect against unwanted pregnancy.

The current main ingredient of the drug - desogestrel. Especially funds is that you can use Laktinet breastfeeding because there is no other besides progestogen hormonal components. Also, good things about Laktinet used by women who have a contraindication to estrogen.

Unlike other contraceptive drugs gestagenosoderzhaschih Laktinet acts by inhibition of ovulation, which is characterized by low luteotrophic hormone, follicle absence (confirmed by ultrasound examination).

Women taking the drug, there is also a low level of progesterone in the middle of the menstrual cycle, increased viscosity of cervical mucus, preventing sperm from entering the uterus.

Product form

Release tablets Laktinet.

Indications Laktinet

According to the instructions Laktinet should be taken to protect women from unwanted pregnancy.


Laktinet for instructions contraindicated in venous thromboembolism, severe liver pathologies, hormone-dependent malignant tumors, malignant tumors in the liver, bleeding vaginal secretions, lactase deficiency, glucose-galactose malabsorption, lactose intolerantrosti, hypersensitivity to an agent.

Be wary appoint Laktinet arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus 1st, 2nd type of porphyria, herpes, systemic lupus red, chloasma.

Laktinet breastfeeding does not affect the quantity and quality of breast milk, but it stands out with small amounts of desogestrel.

Negative reviews Laktinet, its impact on children is not fixed, but it is recommended to carefully monitor the development of the child, if a nursing mother takes the drug.

Instructions for use Laktinet

Tablets Laktinet take one piece one row / day at the same time at an interval of 24h.

When it comes to receiving funds for the first time, and during the months before his other contraceptives have not been taken, the first pill Laktinet take in the 1st day after the end of menstruation.

If a woman needs to make the transition from a combined contraceptive drug on Laktinet, it is necessary to take the pill the next day after the end of the previous use of the drug. Take further measures to prevent pregnancy is not necessary.

If the transition is carried out progestagenosoderzhaschego monokomponentny contraceptive (injections, implants, intrauterine devices, the mini-pill), a woman should take the tablet as the next day after the application of these funds.

In the case of such a transition must be on during the first weeks of Laktinet use additional contraceptives.

If the abortion was performed, according to the instructions Laktinet take soon after the operation. For additional contraception can not resort.

Laktinet breastfeeding received through 21d after birth, with the first week should be applied  Laktinet pills
 barrier contraception.

The therapeutic effect of the agent is reduced if between taking tablets has been more than 12 hours. In this case, continue to take the tablets in the usual way, but the next week you should use extra contraception and pregnancy excluded if during the break had unprotected sexual intercourse.

If within a few hours after taking the pill Laktinet vomits, it equates to missed pills, and take appropriate action.

Side effects

There are reviews of Laktinet, causing irregular or long menstrual period, Non-Cyclical spotting.

Besides fixed such side effects: chest pain, acne, deterioration of libido, nausea, headache, weight gain, mood swings, alopecia, vaginitis, cysts in the ovaries, vomiting, fatigue, increased intracranial pressure, rash, erythema nodosum, rash, redness of the skin.