Kodterpin - combined antitussive.

Pharmacological action

Antitussive and analgesic properties kodterpin due to the action of its constituent materials - codeine, sodium bicarbonate and terpine.

Codeine reduces the excitability of the cough center, and also has analgesic effect. This substance does not inhibit the respiratory center, does not prevent the operation of the ciliated epithelium, does not reduce the number of bronchial secretions and at the same time enhances the action of anxiolytic and hypnotic drugs, analgesics.

Sodium bicarbonate, which is part of kodterpin promotes displacement acidity bronchial mucus toward alkali, reducing the viscosity of sputum, and has a definite impact on the strengthening of motor function and bronchial tubes ciliated epithelium.

It is also expectorant properties kodterpin due to the action terpine which enhances the secretion of bronchial glands.

Application kodterpin allows ease the cough reflex and speed up the excretion of mucus from the respiratory tract.

The maximum effect is observed kodterpin tablets after 0, 5-1 hours after application and lasts for 2-6 hours.


Apply kodterpin guide recommends for the symptomatic treatment of "dry" cough in diseases of the airways and lungs, including emphysema, bronchitis, bronchopneumonia.

 Kodterpin pills

Instructions for use kodterpin

Tablets should be taken kodterpin 1 pc. 2-3 times per day. Kodterpin, consequence of prolonged use may be the development according to codeine should not take more than 5 days without consulting a doctor.

Side effects

Undesirable effects kodterpin include:

  • drowsiness, headache, constipation, vomiting, nausea;
  • urticaria, pruritus.

Contraindications kodterpin

According to the instructions, kodterpin not indicated for asthma, respiratory failure, simultaneous administration of narcotic analgesics or ethanol, hypersensitivity to the active ingredients.

Be wary appointed kodterpin gastritis and gastric ulcer.

Application kodterpin contraindicated for children under two years, pregnant and lactating women.

Additional Information

Tablets kodterpin not require special storage conditions. Shelf life - 4 years.