Karsil - hepatoprotective drug.

The pharmacological action of Kars

The preparation Karsil includes dried fruit extract spotted thistle (silymarin analogue) in which there are 4 isomers: silychristin, silibinin, silidianin, izosilibinin.

By the end of the pharmacological effect of the drug has not been studied, but we know that means hepatoprotective effect is manifested due to the competitive impact of silymarin on toxin receptors on hepatocytes.

Application Karsil stimulate overall metabolism, a variety of cellular processes, the production of proteins and phospholipids, thereby accelerating regenerative processes.

Silymarin is a flavonoid, and the drug is able to provide and antioxidant effect, improves microcirculation, resulting in improving the state of the liver (bilirubin, γ-globulin, transaminase activity), subjective symptoms.

There are reviews of Kars, a general improvement in the condition of patients, reduction of complaints about the state of the digestive tract after ingestion. Patients who have problems absorbing food-related liver disease, noted increased appetite, gradual return of weight.

Product form

Karsil release tablets.


Assign Kars indications: toxic liver disease, chronic hepatitis non-viral origin, cirrhosis of the liver (only as an additional means).

Good reviews of Kars by the patient after suffering a hepatitis, chronic intoxications, as prophylaxis during long-term drug therapy, long-term treatment of alcohol.

Another indication Karsil - alcoholic and nonalcoholic hepatic steatosis.

Instructions for use of Kars

 Karsil pills
 Tablets Karsil children after 12l, adults for the treatment of serious liver damage is prescribed to take 4 tablets three p / day. The daily dose of 420mg.

According to the instructions Karsil as prevention take two or three pills a day.

Duration of treatment - no less than three months.

For maintenance therapy, for treatment of a pulmonary states appoint one or two tablets three p / day.

side effects

Application Karsil may cause nausea, diarrhea, rash, alopecia, indigestion, itching, worsening of vestibular disorders (if any). Spoke of preparation are generally well if there are side effects and they are transient in nature, take place after the cessation of therapy.

Contraindications Kars

According to the instructions Karsil contraindicated in children up to 12l., In case of hypersensitivity to it.

During pregnancy, lactation, the drug is prescribed in exceptional cases.