Jeanine - hormonal contraceptives.

Pharmacological action

Jeanine is a low-dose birth control pills, it suppresses ovulation, affects the endometrium and cervical secretions.

There are reviews of Janine, that women's menstrual cycle is aligned, they become less painful. It is also noted that after Jeanine less intense bleeding, which reduces the likelihood of developing anemia.

Product form

Jeanine release tablets.


Admission Jeanine prescribed to prevent pregnancy.

To receive Janine

Jeanine tablets are beginning to take in the 1st day of menstruation (if other contraceptives in the previous month are not accepted).

If you want to make the transition to Jeanine, it is recommended to start taking immediately after the last tablet of the previous course.

As indicated in the instructions Jeanine, its reception is carried out in the same time. The course lasts 21 days, after which there is a break in the 7d., During which menstruation begins. If reception Janine goes right, the new packaging will always begin on the same day of the week.

Take the drug should be without a pass. If this happens during the next 12 hours after the last missed pill should be drunk, even if they should take just two. Next reception continues as usual.

 Jeanine pills
 If a pill is missed Jeanine more than 12h. in the first week, it is necessary for the next week to use a barrier method of contraception (condom, for example). If a tablet is missed at the 2nd week of the drug, and in the first weeks of Janine was on schedule, additional means of protection may not be used.

When the third week missed tablet as instructed Jeanine has two options: 1) receiving the following package to begin without making 2 week break) can stop taking the pill, take a break from 7d. (Including the day of admission tablets) and start a new pack as usual. If during the break period does not start, pregnancy should be ruled.

side effects

There are reviews of Janine positive, and there is evidence of side effects: stress, pain, breast enlargement, separation from her, bloody vaginal discharge spotting, breakthrough bleeding, migraine, changes in libido, mood variability, blurred vision, intolerance of lenses, vomiting, pain abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, rash, changes in vaginal secretion, erythema nodosum and multiforme, fluid retention, allergies, weight change, cholestatic jaundice, generalized itching.

After Janine can develop thromboembolism, thrombosis.


According to the instructions do not apply Jeanine thrombosis, thromboembolism, migraine, diabetes, diabetes with vascular complications, pancreatitis, hepatic failure, severe liver disease, liver tumors, hormone-dependent malignant formations, vaginal bleeding of unknown origin, suspected pregnancy, during pregnancy, lactation, if hypersensitivity extensive injuries, operations on his legs, serious surgical interventions, prolonged immobilization.

If after Jeanine within the time - up to 4 hours began vomiting or diarrhea, you must take care of additional contraception rely on recommendations by skipping pills.