Gelmintoks tablets
 Gelmintoks - a drug for the treatment of helminth infection.

Pharmacological action

The drug is due to the active substance Gelmintoks pyrantel neutralizes pinworms, hookworms, Ascaris, causing muscle and nerve block parasites.

It was established that the drug is effective against immature and mature animals.

Form release Gelmintoksa

Release tablets Gelmintoks and suspension.


Gelmintoks of instruction prescribed for ankilostomidoze, ascariasis, enterobioze.

Instructions Gelmintoksa: how to use

Tablets Gelmintoks prescribed to children and adults after 6L. Children up to 6 liters and weighing more than 12kg is preferable to give a suspension.

Accepted once on an empty stomach, at any time of day or night. Laxatives can not take pre - drug helps to eliminate the dead worms.

When ascariasis and enterobioze Gelmintoks take a dosage of 12, 5 mg / kg body weight. Thus, for children up to 6 liters. give one measuring spoon, pyrantel soderzhaschuyu125mg to 10kg weight. Kids after 6l give one spoonful at a volumetric weight of 10 kg or one 125mg tablet.

Adults weighing less than 75kg take 6 tablespoons of the drug or 6 tablets of 125 mg, or 3 tablets of 250mg.

Adults weighing over 75kg take 8 tablespoons of the drug or 8 tablets 125 mg or 4 tablets of 250mg.

To prevent reinfestation helminthiasis be taken Gelmintoks again after 3 weeks.

When hookworm infection in endemic area prescribed 25mg / kg per day. The treatment lasts 2-3 days. Take the drug in 1-2 reception.

If defeat hookworm occurred outside areas with high risk of infection, take the drug once, at a dose of 12 5 mg / kg.

Regardless of the form of helminthiasis, judging by the reviews of Gelmintokse for more effective treatment and prevent relapse, it is desirable to have been treated all members of the family.

 Worming medication Gelmintoks

At the end of therapy should be investigated feces, check for parasite eggs.

Side effects tablets Gelmintoks

There are reviews of Gelmintokse, causes nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, dizziness, hearing loss, insomnia, drowsiness, fatigue, hallucinations, paresthesia, confusion, headache, exanthema, itching, hives, redness


The drug should not be taken in case of hypersensitivity to pyrantel, myasthenia gravis, liver failure, pregnancy, during lactation.

Babies up to six months gives the drug with caution.

Do not take Gelmintoks simultaneously with piperazine, levamisole.