Donormil - hypnotic.

Pharmacological action

Donormil has a soothing, sedative, m-anticholinergic action.

The drug increases the duration of sleep, reduces the time it takes a person to fall asleep and improves sleep quality.

The usual dose Donormil works 6-8 hours. The active ingredient of the drug - doxilamine succinate.

Product form

Donormil release effervescent tablets and conventional coated.


According to the instructions Donormil indicated for insomnia, skin itching, allergic reactions, for colds, cough suppressants (in a combination of drugs).

Instructions for use Donormila

Donormil take one pill p / day for 15 min. before bedtime. Assign usually drink half or the whole tablet.

For the dissolution of the effervescent tablet must 100ml. water.

When said dose Donormil no tangible effect, it can be increased to two tablets per day.

 Donormil pills
 If after 2-5 days there is insomnia, should change its approach to therapeutic treatment.

side effects

After applying Donormil reviews there are dry mouth, daytime sleepiness, urinary retention, constipation, a violation of accommodation, lethargy.

If overdose may appear mydriasis, hyperthermia, depression, hyperemia of the skin on the face, drowsiness, tremors, coma with cardiorespiratory collapse, athetosis, epileptic syndrome, anxiety.

Treatment of symptomatic instructions Donormil shown (receiving m-holinostimulyatorov) or, if there are appropriate indications, artificial lung ventilation, taking antiepileptic drugs.


Donormil counter-closure glaucoma, hypersensitivity, adenoma and hyperplasia of the prostate gland, urinary retention, during lactation. Precautions should be prescribed in diseases of the lungs and pregnant women. Also, do not prescribe medication for children up to 15L.

When using Donormil can not drink alcohol and medicines that contain it (due to the increase of sedation). There are reviews of Donormil, its impact on the mental reaction, so caution must be exercised in the management of transport, or complex mechanisms (possibly better than completely abstain at the time of medical treatment).

Those who keep a low salt diet should be remembered that one of the excipients of the drug is sodium chlorine.