Divina - preparation for correction of menstrual disorders.

Pharmacological action

Divina - hormone replacement agent that mimics the hormonal activity characteristic of a normal menstrual cycle.

Judging by the reviews of Divina, after a year of treatment, the women disappear "tides" heat to the chest and face, increased sweating. In addition, during treatment in women undergoing menopause, stops bone loss and concentration of minerals therein (prevention of post-menopausal osteoporosis).

Divina has a positive effect on the lipid concentration, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, the likelihood of hyperplasia, endometrial malignancy.

Product form

Produce a drug Divina tablets.

Indications Divina

Divina drug is indicated for use in the menstrual cycle, to improve the state of health during menopause, prevention of osteoporosis associated with hormonal changes, occurring in postmenopausal period.


Tablets are contraindicated in Divina thrombophlebitis, vascular pathology of the brain a history of vascular permeability disorders, estrogen-dependent tumors and pituitary tumors.

You also can not take Divina chronic, acute liver disease, suspected pregnancy, endometriosis, heart failure, hypertension resistant to therapy.

Instructions for use Divina

 Divina tablet
 Begin taking pills Divina white one piece first 11d.

After drinking the blue pill - 10d as one piece. Repeat the course of a week, during which a woman starts bleeding, similar to menstruation.

Start receiving Divina at any time, regardless of the onset of menses. Drink pills usually in the evening.

side effects

Divina can cause anxiety, fatigue, increased activity of hepatic transaminases, nausea, palpitations, thrombosis (rare), blood pressure increase, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, hyperbilirubinemia, breast swelling, hirsutism, changes in libido, increase of fibroids, allergic reactions, ossalgia, acyclic metrorrhagia .

There are reviews of Divina, that after receiving developed vaginal candidiasis, there were cramps in the leg muscles, blurred vision, hair loss, weight changes, edema peripheral.

Usually adverse reactions appear in the first few months of therapy, but do not require discontinuation of the drug, since are alone.

With an overdose of pills Divina appear uterine bleeding headache, nausea.

During menopause women observe different duration of menstruation, so the bleeding will not begin in a week's break, but also during the application of blue pills. In this case, you must stop taking Divina and resume (to start the use of white tablets) only after bleeding.